year of 2009


< Returning 6 > 2009 will be the year of storms - storms that do make the headlines and bring up the drama - whether it is earthquakes, whether it is violent storms that have never been measured to this degree before; winds, rain, lightning - odd and unusual lightning storms all across the world that bring up patterns that haven't been seen before in a lightning storm in the past - these are going to occur all across Earth.

< Returning 6 > What you have here is because the consciousness of Earth is changing to such a degree that it's going to affect the weather. The weather comes in response to human consciousness. That doesn't mean that it always has to be nice and sunny. (some laughter) The weather provides clearing. The weather provides insight and awareness also.

< Returning 6 > There is what you would call a heartbeat to the weather. There is a pulse to the weather. Now, when you look at it from a very statistical standpoint, it wouldn't appear so. But if you feel into the clouds themselves, if you feel into the Earth and the relationship with itself with the water and the air, you'll be able to feel the pulse, and you'll be able to understand that the weather, the changing weather on Earth here in the year 2009, is going to be doing its clearing. And it's going to be carrying a new message to the plants and to the animals and to the Earth and to the water. And you're going to be part of it. You're going to feel very, very connected to the weather.

< Returning 6 > Weather will make the headlines, particularly - particularly - after the first quarter this year. It's going to perplex scientists and those who study its patterns, and they're going to wonder why the shifts in the magnetic poles are changing on a very erratic basis, as well as the intensity or the magnetic pull to Earth. Both the magnetic poles are going to be shifting, and the strength - or the lack of strength - of the gravitational pull on Earth is going to change this year, and it's going to be erratic. It's not going to follow a nice symmetrical path. It's going to change in every part of the Earth, and every biological aspect of the Earth is going to feel it, but most will not understand what is going on.

< Returning 6 > The weather is going to provide important shifts in releasing energies that have been held within for eons of time that have been waiting to go. Most of you have reclaimed your energies, your dead pasts that were buried in the ground. But now other aspects of entities are going to be recollecting themselves now.

< Returning 6 > The non-dramatic part, the part that won't make the immediate headlines, is a change in the global climate is going to cause a shortage of food for the next several years at least. Places that have been relied on to grow food will not be able to grow. The reservoirs deep under the Earth's surface will dry up or become toxic to the plants. Places that have experienced temperate weather are going to start experiencing more severe weather - too cold, too hot - and the plants that once grew upon the surface will not grow as hardy, if at all. This will cause a shortage in the food supplies on Earth.

< Returning 6 > Even when groups - whole groups of humans - leave the Earth at one time, there is a choice behind it at some level. Some of these groups have been so connected to their particular culture or their ancestral and cultural karma that they can no longer stay on Earth the way they were. So at some level they're agreeing for mass exodus. Some of the animal and plant forms on Earth know that they don't need to serve humans and the Earth in the old way, so they will leave. Every time there is an exodus, it is an opportunity and an opening for the next generation and the next cycle and evolution to come in - and that is what's happening on Earth.