storm / hurricane

wind and rain;

< Clarity 3QA > Indeed the weather patterns, particularly the storms, are as a result of consciousness of humanity. These storms come in to help clear. And, there have been so many hurricanes, for instance, in the last year or so of time that start and also affect the area of the Bahamas, of Cuba, and now going up into the Gulf. These are the energies of Atlantis, clearing out old stuck energies, allowing a new type of Atlantis to come back up. So, indeed it is coming from the consciousness of humanity. Is it the result of deliberate and calculated planning by sinister forces who want to take over the world? It all depends. It depends on you. If you choose that to be, then you're going to live in that reality. You're going to live with these sinister forces around every corner. And, you're going to spend your days and your time worried about what new conspiracy.

< Clarity 3QA > The Earth is causing the weather problems because, whether they like to admit it or not, there is global warming. It is caused by a whole layer of pollutants around the Earth that are preventing the proper intake and output of energy, whether it is from the sun or other realms. This is causing disturbances in the very delicate balance of Gaia. Gaia reads these disturbances. Gaia reads that there are weather changes, that there are temperature changes, and knows it is her time to come in now and do clearing. She rides off of this energy, brings in her troops - which would be the hurricanes and the earthquakes and the fires - and helps facilitate the cleansing and the change that is going on.

< Teacher 11QA > You literally went through these first on a very personal level. You went through the internal changes, the internal earthquakes and volcanoes and storms and hurricanes and tsunamis. You went through these. And yes I use these terms that have to do with the Earth because there is a direct relationship to consciousness and the weather, to things like global warming, to things like storms or erratic weather patterns that you're going to see this summer. So all of these things are happening all around you right now, but it's not you. You're feeling them but you're not causing them.

< Teacher 12 > You see storms roll through your life and most of you feel that these storms are coming from the outside - from other people, from the world events, maybe just from your bad luck - and these storms move through your life and cause a lot of drama and cause a lot of chaos. These storms actually are not storms at all. These storms are a way... what you would call storms are a way of clearing energy; energy that is yours - that is you - consciousness that is yours, but consciousness that no longer serves you in a New Energy way.

< QuantumLeap 3 > The Earth has approximately six billion people on it, and Gaia can handle about ten billion without going through some major changes. One of the changes is that the Old Energy of the spirit of Gaia is leaving, turning over the responsibility to humans. How much more population can the world handle? What will the weather patterns be like? What will happen with things like earthquakes, storms, hurricanes? Even these things, the fires recently in California, a way of clearing out old - what do you call - sexual energy virus. But also anytime that you have a very dense population of humans, humans who are under stress - their own stress, the stress of Earth beneath them - you're going to get a reaction . A fire, a flood or some other type of cleansing.

< freedom 2 > It's an international center as well. So it is no wonder that the storm goes there. It's an energy – a nice energy center – just that's been misused. Yes. Absolutely. So the storm finds its way there. Now, you can take a look, very symbolically or very simply. Why wasn't it a fire or an earthquake? Why was it water and wind? Cleansing, even though fire does cleanse, but it's a different type. By the way, Fire – alchemy – does not have to be hot. I say “fire” and you see flames and you think “hot.” Actually, that's an illusion.