global warming / greenhouse effect


< Clarity 3QA > The Earth is causing the weather problems because, whether they like to admit it or not, there is global warming. It is caused by a whole layer of pollutants around the Earth that are preventing the proper intake and output of energy, whether it is from the sun or other realms. This is causing disturbances in the very delicate balance of Gaia. Gaia reads these disturbances. Gaia reads that there are weather changes, that there are temperature changes, and knows it is her time to come in now and do clearing. She rides off of this energy, brings in her troops - which would be the hurricanes and the earthquakes and the fires - and helps facilitate the cleansing and the change that is going on.

< Teacher 7 > And global warming?" Global warming is a subject of much humor and jokes on our side of the veil (laughter) because you don't get it! You're so serious. People get into their drama and they get so stuck. The humor is that Gaia knows how to clear it all out. Gaia knows how to take care of it. Gaia's going to continue for quite some time supporting life on Earth. We're not saying that global warming isn't an issue, but look at the issue, look at some of the difficult components of it - and then look at the humor behind it.

< Teacher 7 > So many humans running around, now scurrying around, holding up these flags and banners about global warming, using it to perpetuate more feeding and more drama rather than solving the problem. That's the humorous part. It's not that difficult of a situation. It can be cleared up, dear Shaumbra, very soon. You're hearing these news reports saying "It's going to take centuries. Perhaps humankind will be annihilated. Perhaps the Earth will burn itself up." Sorry. Not going to happen. There's a small group of humans on Earth who can have an impact on this, who can help bring back a balance to support the future generations. And if they don't choose to do that, Gaia will choose to clear it herself.

< Teacher 11QA > You literally went through these first on a very personal level. You went through the internal changes, the internal earthquakes and volcanoes and storms and hurricanes and tsunamis. You went through these. And yes I use these terms that have to do with the Earth because there is a direct relationship to consciousness and the weather, to things like global warming, to things like storms or erratic weather patterns that you're going to see this summer. So all of these things are happening all around you right now, but it's not you. You're feeling them but you're not causing them.

< freedom 3 > It could be very severe weather. Pretty good chance of that. Why? Because consciousness affects – or actually creates – the weather patterns. They say it's global warming. Well, what causes global warming? Consciousness! And consciousness, whether it is about taking care of the planet or future generations or how energy is used, that consciousness causes a degree of global warming, which causes the weather changes in themselves. So it is probably Europe where you're going to see some of these bringing up of energy in the changes that are taking place right now.

< Passion2020-1> Global warming – I know a lot of you are going to get upset with me and think that I'm turning brown instead of green – but it's a distraction. It's so funny because the Earth can take care of herself. You know, humans are not going to destroy the Earth by having too many factories or gasoline cars. I'm not saying it's good, but Earth can really take care of itself. Woe to the human, of course, but the earth can take care of itself. And it's no coincidence, all this focus on the environment right now, especially in light of the fact that Gaia is leaving and humans are taking responsibility. So it's actually natural that humans will become even more and more and more concerned about the environment, as they rightfully should be. But it's also turning into a big cause. Let others do it. Let others take on those battles. We're going somewhere else.