twin flame


< New Earth 6 > You have not been abandoned by your True Self. Your True Self is not punishing you. Your parent has not left. It has been on its own journey. At the core part within you, you are still connected. There is a still a remembrance. Oh, you wonder why, why, you desire to return Home - because you can still feel at the very center of your heart your connection with something so grand. You wonder why you search for your soulmate, your twin flame. My friend, your twin flame is in a blanket, is in a deep sleep. How you long for the return! You wonder why the emptiness is there in your being, why you feel at night in your dreams that you are crying. It is because you know, you know, that your self has not been complete while you have journeyed here on Earth.

< Creator 2QA > You are all that you are. Half of you was not left somewhere else, waiting to reunite with you. All that you are is contained within your being. Even what you know, what you call your Higher Self or True Self is not separate and apart from you. It is all contained within your consciousness and your being.

There are great love stories upon your planet of humans who have met in the past and have shared very passionate relationships and that have come back lifetime after lifetime and felt the feeling of flame and torch and enlightenment. But the concept that we understand from the human - of part of you being left out somewhere else - we do not so much understand.

In the truest sense, yes, we are and always have been One. We are One in many different expressions. So in a sense philosophically, yes, we are all flames together. We are all bright flames that make one beautiful candle.

< Creator 7QA > We previously discussed the concept of "twin flame". Dear friends, there is not a lost part of you or me, in all of creation. If the talk of "twin flame" is meant to express love for two beings who walk together, and the intent is to say they are the same in many ways - they are deeply in love - there is good energy here. However, if the intent to talk of the "twin flame" is to fill in a part of you that you feel is incomplete, you will search the world and the universe in an unhappy journey. You are complete in yourself! The feeling of being incomplete is the residual of going through the shattering in the Wall of Fire. Is it not amusing to you … the relationship of the words "twin flame" and "Wall of Fire"? (audience laughter) There is not another part of you that is lost. It was just an experience you went through in the Wall of Fire. You and I are complete unto ourselves.

< Ascension 8QA > This new understanding is not about finding a soulmate, for they did not have the answer for you! (chuckling) They are also in duality. It is not finding a "twin flame," for there is no "twin flame." There is YOUR flame of divinity. There is not a lost piece of you. Love is not simply finding a mate, or having the affection, and the passion, and the care that you have for a child or a parent. Oh, indeed those are all types of love.

< DivineHuman 6 > It was the love of your life that you had always been seeking. It was the soul mate, the twin flame. It was the incomplete part of yourself, or so you felt. In the dream you felt the intense love and the intense connection, and you never wanted to let go. The moment you worried about the connection slipping away, you started to scream and cry. You felt that you were going back into darkness… back into loneliness… losing the connection with the greatest love you have ever felt. We know you have been there. We have watched you in your dreams. We have shed a few tears, knowing how difficult it was for you to meet your True Self, your Divine Self, to touch and to feel that energy, and then to have it slip away.

< Embodiment 7QA > For those of you who are wondering if there is another part of yourself - your other self, your other half - living somewhere on the other side of the world, generally not. There is no particular reason for doing this. You are fully integrated in yourself in the Now moment. So, don't think that there is some twin flame. And, I am nobody's twin flame, by the way! (audience laughter) Don't think that there is some twin flame somewhere else. Everything for Shaumbra… everything is integrated into yourself now.

There are some interesting things being done right now with incarnating and biology. There are some humans who are… they want to bypass this rather difficult and burdensome time frame of being a baby and even being a teenager. So… oh, it is hard to explain. They are creating a temporary vessel, a biological body that has a temporary personality planted in it that they will come into later when they get past the difficult part of growing up being a human, generally at the age of about 16, maybe 17. These are not "walk-ins." Let's not mistake this for one soul-being switching for another soul-being. You're creating basically an empty vessel that has a - what would you call - a false story.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > There are those that - this is for all of Shaumbra here - but there are those that you first met and you first played with and you first loved when you left the Wall of Fire. Remember when we talked that you left and you felt very alone, but suddenly you started to realize there were other spirits around you. And you started to develop … you would now call them friendships or really the first love that many of you had. And these are some of the strongest most beautiful ties. They go back through your spiritual family and even before.

So the one you're referring to has that energy. Some of you confuse it with what you call a soul mate or a twin flame, that it is a missing part of yourself, but it is like - how to say - remember your earliest childhood friends that you learned so much from each other because you were so young and innocent? That's what some of these beings are like and the one you referred to is like that also. They almost can't resist coming back and being with you again.