< Creator 2QA > There are very few cases of what you would know as a walk-in. This is not only difficult from a physics standpoint, but it is generally not appropriate from a spiritual standpoint. There are conditions where a human makes great changes in a very short period of time. They feel that they are reborn again within the same lifetime of their physical body. This does occur quite often, but there is a label that is put on it at times of being a walk-in. There are other cases where there is such extreme denial of the human self that they choose to believe that the old bad person walked out and a new good person walked in.

Dear teachers, you will be working with many imbalances like this in your teaching. We ask you to be discerning with these people. It is time to talk to them about accepting their human self, and to accept all of the things that have transpired in the past. They will hold on tightly to concepts of things such as walk-ins and other things that humans entertain themselves with. Help them to gently and lovingly release that grasp and then to accept all that they are.

< NewEnergy 3 > Anyone here, reading this, listening to this - anyone here who thinks that they are a walk-in… think again. Nothing walked into you. The physics of Earth are not set up like that. There have been a few isolated cases where there was intense agreement prior to a soul coming into a body for a lifetime, but these are very limited. You are not a walk-in. You are an ascendee. You moved from one lifetime to the other while still staying in the same body. You transformed your consciousness. And, yes, you may feel totally different. You may feel like a new person because you are, in a way. But there wasn't some outside entity that one day walked into your body.

< Embodiment 7QA > For those of you who are wondering if there is another part of yourself - your other self, your other half - living somewhere on the other side of the world, generally not. There is no particular reason for doing this. You are fully integrated in yourself in the Now moment. So, don't think that there is some twin flame. And, I am nobody's twin flame, by the way! (audience laughter) Don't think that there is some twin flame somewhere else. Everything for Shaumbra… everything is integrated into yourself now.

There are some interesting things being done right now with incarnating and biology. There are some humans who are… they want to bypass this rather difficult and burdensome time frame of being a baby and even being a teenager. So… oh, it is hard to explain. They are creating a temporary vessel, a biological body that has a temporary personality planted in it that they will come into later when they get past the difficult part of growing up being a human, generally at the age of about 16, maybe 17. These are not "walk-ins." Let's not mistake this for one soul-being switching for another soul-being. You're creating basically an empty vessel that has a - what would you call - a false story.