a musical group;

< MNEC2009-SG > I do want to explain here, before Yoham embarks on this journey with you, I have known Gerhard for a long time. In one of my Mystery Schools he was the music master. He understood the absolute spiritual essence of music. And music was one of the most important things that we did in the Mystery Schools. Everyone had to learn to play an instrument and to sing, because there comes a point where words no longer suffice, where the talking no longer does anything except go straight into your brain. So every Mystery School that we had had a focus on the music.

< (Next) 5 > Metatron used to be what you would consider kind of a colder energy, kind of metallic, not so personal and friendly as me, because Metatron was your voice in spirit. But Metatron existed, you could say, in the other dimensions. It was separate, was in a different place. So you brought Metatron in close, and as we talked about several years ago at the Quantum Leap, Metatron's name actually changed and evolved to Yoham. Yoham. Not the musical group - well yes, they're Yoham also. Metatron evolved.