2009 Midsummer New Energy Conference
Breckenridge, Colorado Friday, July 17
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I am not Mister Germain. (lots of laughter as Adamus refers to the song just sung by Anders Holte entitled "Ordinary Saint") I Am that I Am Adamus Saint-Germain, or, better pronounced, Adamus Saint-Germain (said with a French inflection), indeed. What a delight to be here with all of these Shaumbra on this day.

I've been a bit busy lately. I apologize to each and every one of you for not spending a bit more time with you. And, by the way, I am no 'ordinary saint,' dear one. (lots of laughter) I am Adamus. (more laughter) I could tell you long stories about ordinary saints, and well, that's why they call them ordinary. (more laughter) They're a dime a dozen. (laughter) I'm a diamond. (more laughter, Adamus chuckling)

But I have been a bit tied up lately. I have accompanied many, many of you here on your journey to this mountaintop, made my appearance to you, but in our sometimes nightly, almost daily conversations, I've been a bit remiss. I've been in the process of helping Tobias to rebirth. Oh, and don't underestimate the difficulty of taking an old dead Jew and putting him into a ten-year-old boy! (lots of laughter and applause) It's taking everything Kuthumi and I have to get him back into Sam!

You know, actually, birthing is much more difficult than death, much more traumatic. Death is easy. After you get over the initial fear, you find yourself on the other side, generally surrounded by those you love and know, by very pleasant surroundings, released of the physical body. It's actually a relief. Birth … birth is traumatic. You know you have a long journey in front of you. You know that there's going to be a lot of forgetfulness. You know that you're going to have to tolerate a lot from a lot of people.

So even though Tobias gets up here today and talks about coming back - and indeed, he's looking forward to it - even he's going through his struggles, what it's like to reintegrate into that body. Thank God he's bypassed the actual physical birth. But yet, there's part of him, part of his spirit, that's resisting … resisting; part of him that's remembering what it was like to be human - the difficulties and more than anything, the forgetfulness of when you come back into the human body.

So, I've been busy with that, but what an honor to be here with you right now.

I'm going to change the schedule up a little bit this afternoon, because change is a good thing, because I've been looking at the energies here over the last few days. I've been feeling into each and every one of you. I've shared lifetimes with many of you. I know you well. I've taken a look at the energy of this gathering, what you're here for, what you're going through in your life right now.


One thing I know about every one here - bar none - is that you've had lifetimes where you're very, very confident, where you're arrogant. You've had lifetimes where you've been powerful, when you've controlled other people, when you've had tremendous wealth, when you've been famous. Yes, every one of you. Some of you act a bit timid right now, but I know you. I've seen these lifetimes of yours.

Oh, they've been magnificent lifetimes, indeed. They've been kind of classic or landmark lifetimes when you've had this power and this esteem, this confidence in yourself. Oh, I understand what it's like, I've had that too. But I got over it. (laughter, Adamus chuckling) Oh, dear Shaumbra, I love joking with you.

I've seen this confidence that you've had in the past. Now you come into this lifetime, and some of you, yes, you have brought that confidence in with you. Some of you absolutely left it behind, saying you aren't going to have another lifetime like that again - not where you had that human arrogance, not when you had that overconfidence. But right now we sit here and I look at what's going on, what's taking place inside of you; one of the issues is confidence. It's been ripped down from you. It's been torn away from you, and what's still left there is being ripped down again.

Confidence is an interesting thing. It's mostly artificial. Confidence is a way that you come to understand yourself as a human. You build your confidence up, you build this platform or this base of your illusion as a human. Confidence sometimes can be a way of glorifying your humanness. Yes, sometimes it's genuine pride in your accomplishments, genuine pride in reaching your goals and obtaining great measures, but it's generally an artificial base. What's happening right now as you are in this great changeover from being an ordinary human into becoming the true divine self - that confidence is getting ripped down, and it hurts.

You try to go back to it. You try to rebuild your confidence. You try to perhaps accumulate some money or write a book or write some music, and then when you don't get the response that you're looking for, your confidence goes lower and lower. It's getting torn apart. You feel desperation - "How do I re-identify myself? How do I identify my worth? How do I come back into any sort of identity?" And you try to go back by building your confidence, by trying to recreate or build that old illusion of yourself. And you know, it's not going to happen.

Confidence is artificial. Confidence is a way of experiencing yourself as a human, but not ultimately as a divine being. The confidence that you once had, the confidence that's being torn down right now, is being replaced by something else - very, very different but much more beautiful, much more expansive. It's being replaced by the Awareness of Being - of your being.

Awareness of Being

True Awareness of Being doesn't need confidence. It doesn't need to associate itself with certain accomplishments - money in the bank, good looks, favor from other people, power, titles, positions - those are all false confidence.

What you're moving to right now is the absolute awareness of your being. It doesn't need to glorify itself. It just is. It doesn't need to worship its accomplishments, it doesn't need those to prove itself. The genuine awareness of your beingness doesn't need to keep track or make records of what you've done, where you've been, the jobs, the titles or anything else. It is content unto itself. The Awareness of Being is the New Energy confidence. It doesn't need anything else. It doesn't need to feed, it doesn't need to build, it doesn't need to keep finding new ways to identify itself. It is that it is.

And oddly enough, in that state of is-ness that each and every one of you are coming into, now what you would call your accomplishments or your capabilities suddenly become very natural. You don't have to work at manifesting anything. It just is. It's a natural result of the awareness of your being.

You don't have to accumulate money. You don't have to find any new ways of glorifying yourself. It just becomes. You become glorified through the act of being aware of your beingness.

An odd thing happens. You scratch your head and say, "So for all of those lifetimes I struggled, I challenged, I went through difficulties, I went through pain and stress - all to get the things that are absolutely the natural result of the awareness of your being." Yes, absolutely.

It seems like a contradiction, but it actually isn't, because in this new Awareness of the Being you also bring in all of the Old Energies of the old confidence. And they come in now to create what you always tried to create before, and they do it naturally. They do it without any pressure. They do it without any sort of challenge. It just happens.

Now another funny thing happens. If there is any leftovers of the old human self at this point, it actually misses the challenge. It misses the game. It misses feeling what it's like to have to exert yourself and struggle to manifest. There's a tendency at times to want to go back and say, "I want to do it the old way because it was kind of fun."

You're not laughing. (some laughter, Adamus chuckling)

But that too quickly passes, and you come to realize the natural flow. You come to realize that everything just comes to you. It's just attracted. It's just there. There's no reason to make it difficult. Spirit never demanded that it was difficult - you did. Spirit never wanted it to be a challenge for you, but you were fascinated with the challenge. You were fascinated with this whole game. But now as I see in each and every one of you, you're done with that. You're ready to move on.

Moving Energy

What I would like to do this afternoon in our session, instead of a lot of lecturing, I want to get into some motion, some feeling. You see, this confidence, this Old Energy human confidence that you've had, it's going away. It's either going to dissolve away or it's going to be ripped away, because you made a choice. You made a choice to go through this process of ascension right now. You made a choice to take down the old framework of the old human self, and part of that framework is the old confidence.

What I would like to do for the remainder of this session, as we get into some energy movement here, is let that confidence come down naturally. Stop trying to hold onto it. Stop trying to claim yourself through your accomplishments. Stop trying to keep recreating a confidence in yourself that truly is false. Let it go. Let it go.

That's a big tall order, because part of that old human self that you still have with you still wants to hold onto it, still is afraid of what happens if you don't have any confidence in yourself. But dear, dear Shaumbra, let that old confidence go. Let it be replaced with the awareness of your being.

So this afternoon as we go through the energy movements, let yourself move. Dare I say, call it dance, for some of you may fear and run out the door - lock the doors, right now. (laughter) Let yourself move, whatever that means. Sitting in your chair, let it move a little bit. Get up, let it move. Let your feet move, let your arms move - whatever. If it's just your head moving, if that's all you could do, let it move.

Let that old confidence dissolve naturally - it's going away anyway. It doesn't need to be torn apart anymore. I see you going through tremendous grief and anxiety having that old confidence pulled down. Let it dissolve away naturally. Let it move away naturally, and as you do, allow the Awareness of Being - of your being - to come in.

What does that mean? Those are some fancy words. What is that Awareness of Being? It's the I Am. It's the acceptance of yourself without having to build confidence or false platforms. It's the understanding, as Tobias said earlier today, you haven't done anything wrong, not at all. Sometimes your perspective of what you're doing is a bit interesting. You're looking at it from the back side instead of the top.

I'm going to ask my dear friends Yoham (musical group) to come up in just a moment. I'm going to ask them to - what do you say - break loose, open up, let it roll. (audience applause and cheering) We're not going to play twinkle music here, we're going to get into it! (laughter)

I do want to explain here, before Yoham embarks on this journey with you, I have known Gerhard for a long time. In one of my Mystery Schools he was the music master. He understood the absolute spiritual essence of music. And music was one of the most important things that we did in the Mystery Schools. Everyone had to learn to play an instrument and to sing, because there comes a point where words no longer suffice, where the talking no longer does anything except go straight into your brain. So every Mystery School that we had had a focus on the music.

And my dear friend, Gerhard, who's endured much with me over the ages - oh, he's still a bit sore about some of it (laughter), and he actually was writing a song one time that was a curse to me rather than a blessing like Anders - but his music was always magical, always spiritual. As a matter of fact, I understand he has now written a book that is being introduced right here - a short little promotion for you to help you get over this old issue that we had (laughter) - but it is now available, and it is the essence of sacred music.

So I'm going to ask Yoham to come up here now and I will be out there dancing amongst you - certainly not through Cauldre, I'll find different feet to dance through. (laughter; Linda says, "Be nice.")

So, thirty minutes of letting loose. Thirty minutes of letting the old confidence dissolve away and letting this New Energy of the Awareness of Being come in.

Let it happen, dear Shaumbra. What a perfect place on top of this mountain, with Shaumbra, in this safe and sacred space, and the music of Yoham.

With that it has been a delight. I don't need to lecture anymore. Let yourself be.

I Am that I Am, Adamus Saint-Germain.

(Applause as Yoham begins the music)


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