< QuantumLeap 3QA > And the same with dealing with the nonphysical beings. There are many layers of them. I, Tobias, have a Sam layer. I have the layer of Muir from Atlantis. I have a myriad ... I have the Agos layer from my last lifetime on Earth, and Tobias, and all of these others.

< MNEC2009-K > In the end days of Atlantis, Tobias had a name, but it was actually more like a title. And that name was Muir. Muir. It wasn't his given name, it wasn't his name at birth, but it was rather his title. And it meant - in your English terms today - it meant Lord, Grand One. Not Lord like having to worship, but Lord as the Great One, the Wise One, the Evolved One. Tobias' love was known throughout all of Atlantis. His proficiency with science, with spirit, with humanity was such that people from all around Atlantis came to him and those who worked with him, which are you, for advice and counsel and healing.

< MNEC2009-K > And it was, indeed, Tobias as Muir who led the exodus of so many who now call themselves Shaumbra from parts of Atlantis into the Temples of Tien. And it was Tobias who brought us together, who helped us develop our own divinity and humanity. It was Tobias working with all of us who helped us understand the blessings of life here on Earth. He was the high priest. He was the Lord. He was what you would now say the King, but not with the ego, not with the old attributes. There was no control; there was vision. There wasn't structure; there was desire for all to work together. He was revered and honored.

< MNEC2009-K > And in the end days of Atlantis when the armies of Azura Timu were closing in on the Temples of Tien, a memory so many of you still have deep within, it was Muir who finally said, "We will sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the others." And it was Muir who walked first from all of us in the Temples of Tien, giving of himself to the armies that were closing in. It was Tobias as Muir who died amongst us first in these final days of Atlantis.

< MNEC2009-K > When Tobias crossed over to the other side, as you would say, he carried with him tremendous grief and guilt for what was happening. He loved Atlantis dearly. He carried this grief and guilt onto the other side, and each time he saw one of you crossing over, dying at the hands of the invading armies, dying at the hands of the natural disasters in Atlantis, it was Muir who took on more grief and more sadness and more guilt. Each time he saw another cross over, it laid heavier on his heart. And so it was Atlantis and life as we knew it on Earth was terminated.

< MNEC2009-K > Tobias chose at one point to come back to Earth as his suffering, as his penance, to see what had happened, to live within what had happened. And he lived deep, deep within the Earth for a long, long time, not as a King, not as a Lord, not as a Great One but as one who was shy, one who was basically what you would now call a peasant, one who was a loner. Tobias let himself suffer many, many lifetimes for what had been done to Atlantis. And although the angels tried coming to him and saying, "Dear Muir, you don't have to endure this, you don't have to suffer this," he did. And many of you lived in those times with him beneath the surface of the Earth.