worlds around you


< Kharisma 7 > There are worlds around you right now, magnificent worlds – not just butterflies and fairies and things like that – but worlds of sensual, creative experiences, and they're all around you. They're not there. They're right here. There are your multiple words, but there are others as well, indescribable in human words or to the human mind. But yet, you don't see that. Understanding that there are worlds around you is ultimately a matter of allowing, and in that, in that going into those consciousnesses, you're going to feel at times like you're going to go crazy. And that's actually probably a good sign, because it's breaking down a lot of the old limitations, confinements. There are so many worlds and you have such a desire for them.

< Kharisma 7 > There are worlds around you right now, but when you live in that cave and when you're afraid to step out of it, afraid of being crazy, afraid of your phobias, afraid of your addictions, afraid of yourself, you can stand right at that doorway, that entrance to the cave; you can stand right there and not cross over. I'm going to provoke you and annoy you and anything else I can, entertain you, whatever it takes to have you say, “It doesn't matter anymore. I don't care if I go crazy. I don't care if my body goes to hell. I don't care if I lose. I don't care, because it's all just one great big 'and.'” That's all it is. One great big “and.” Fears, phobias, joys, sensualities and it's enlightenment and stupidity. It's “and.” It's all of the above – living in a cave and living outside of it. That, my friends, is realization.