master of energy;

< Creator 2 >The work that you are doing here does require you to put out energy to do something, even if it is simply standing behind a wall. There is homework. For the next 11 months of your time we will go through a series of lessons, each that builds off the other. It will be important for you, for our extended family throughout this world to continue consciously practicing, consciously accepting. You have all done well in this. You have all done well. You have tried it at least once! Many have tried it daily and hourly. This is how you will be teachers. This is how you will be Light Masters.

< Creator 6QA > We call you Lightmasters because we see you as Lightmasters. We know there is much work that you do, but indeed you are the ones who are the "Masters." The entities who are the outer circles tonight, who have never been to earth before, see you as the Masters. It is difficult for you to see yourself in such a lofty role. But as we have said earlier, there are four issues and the fourth one is self-worth. Dear friends, look deeper into this area. Begin to understand that the work you do as Lightworkers, is at the very leading edge. You are at the very leading edge of this transformation of void into creation. It is why we call you the Lightmasters and we use the terms together; workers and masters.

< Teacher 6 > Do you choose to believe in conspiracies, that everybody is out against you? Well, they are. They are. So have your wish and therefore the world will conspire against you. If you believe that you are a victim who has no power of your own, then it shall become true. You see, you're that grand. You're that master of energy that you can create anything. You create this illusion that you're just a human. You create an illusion. You pretend that you don't know what death is like. You pretend - sitting here, listening in here - you pretend you don't remember your past lives, so therefore you don't.