crystalline connection

Christ Seed
direct connection between earth ream and crystalline realms;
bringing in potential selves from crystalline realms;

< Clarity 6 > You want to know how to - how to say - work with nuclear physics. Oh, yes, you can study books, but an interesting thing happens. You've created a probability self that chooses to know about nuclear physics. As you start reading the books, all of a sudden your understanding grows exponentially, a quantum leap. Well, you're reading, but there are other things happening as well. You're connecting to mass consciousness information. And, you're bringing it in, not through the mind, but through your own crystalline connection.

< Clarity 6 > Every one of you has a crystalline connection that has not been used in a long, long time that goes beyond the near realms, connects directly with the crystalline realms… you see. That has not been used in a long time. And, your homework for these next days, 30 days or so of time that we have, is to go in and look - when did you shut down your crystalline connection? And, why did you shut it down? And, listen. Come into the Shaumbra Service Center and listen for the answer. It is important. This is not trivial homework this time. This is important homework. That crystalline connection is inside of you. You just deactivated it. You pulled the plug. Why did you do it? When did you do it? And, are you ready to activate it again?

< Clarity 6QA > Somewhere within this vehicle of yours lies this crystalline energy connector. It has always been there - the Christ Seed within you. You've known it. You have felt it, but you can't seem to put your hands on it. At some point, as we said, you locked it away. You shut it down. You turned it off. That is not meant literal, because it is always active, but in a sense you ignored it. You hypnotized yourself into believing that it wasn't active, that it wasn't even there.

< Clarity 6QA > Look into the reasons why you shut it down and when you shut it down. And trust yourself when your imagination, when the answer comes through. Trust yourself. Then when the first layer of answer comes through take a deep breath and let the next layer come through and the next. You're going to find out that this is truly multi-layered. There are many reasons and there are many times when you shut that down.

< Clarity 6QA > Then you're going to be posed with a question - "Are you ready to open it up again?" Are you ready to again connect on the crystalline non-mental levels with yourself, with All That Is. You still maintain all your physical attributes. You still maintain all of the - the fact that you're a human on Earth. But now you open to a whole new level. Imagine that you are this vehicle with the Soul, the feelings, the brain and the body and somewhere you have shut down or hidden this connection to realms that are indescribable. Imagine now what that adds to the mix, to the multidimensional layer of Self if that is brought back into reality.

< Clarity 6QA > We said before that through some of the oaths and vows and promises that you gave yourself, you boarded over, you nailed over those connections that you've had. You've even hid those boards and nails pretending that they're not there. Only you can open those back up, Shaumbra. If you've hid them, you can unhide them. We can't. We literally, and we mean this literally, because you hid them, even we can't see them. If you come to us and say, "But where did I hide that? Where did I fool myself?" We don't know, because you fooled yourself so well, you can fool the rest of us. That is how hypnosis works.

< Clarity 6QA > This crystalline connection is also another way of describing the Christ Seed energy. When was the last time you worked actively with Christ Seed energy? When was it that you helped to bring it to Earth? What era started when that was brought to Earth? And who did you come with. Indeed. So, now I can't give you the answers (laughter). You have find out for yourself.

< Clarity 7 > Now, over a course of a long time and many experiences you finally came to this place called Earth, and as Tobias talked about in the Shoud last month, you came here and somewhere along the way you cut off your conscious connection to your own crystalline realms. You cut off your conscious connection to this place that is beyond the mind - the crystalline realms. And he asked you to do a bit of homework, which I'm sure you thought about. But he said, "Why did you separate from the Crystalline?" "When did you separate from the Crystalline, and how do you return to it?"

< Clarity 7 > You cut it (crystalline connection) off over a period of time. It wasn't done all at once. When you first came to this Earth as an angel taking physical form, you still had a connection with the crystalline. We all did. Particularly during the days and times of Lemuria. We could travel back and forth. We could cross in and out of the crystalline realms. But then it started going away, it started leaving. And particularly in this era that we would call the Christos era of humanity. In the last several thousands of years, you've really cut yourself off from it.