anost / imbalance to light

imbalance to lightevil;
putting a focus on the light and trying to deny its mirror, the dark;

< Clarity 6 > Light… you are "light-workers." You work in the light, eliminating the dark from the universe. That is the biggest crock, Shaumbra (some laughter). That is imbalanced also. We have a word for it here. It doesn't really relate to any human word. But, in the best translation we can provide, we call it "anost," anost (Tobias pronouncing this as uh-NAHST). That means an imbalance to the light. The imbalance to the light, or anost, is a denial of the dark. It is a denial of half of yourself, if not more.

< Clarity 6 > There's also an imbalance to the light. And, we have to laugh when we hear about the "warriors of the light." What are you battling? You're going to go off and battle the dark? Well, they will win because they are stronger… you see. And, because you are picking up your sword, they will pick up theirs also. And, now you have a true battle going on. Now, you have, in spite of all of your words of peace and love and all of these other things… your denial of the dark creates the battle in the first place.

< Clarity 6 > You can be imbalanced to the light, so imbalanced that it causes your own fortitude to go soft. Then, it causes you to talk in these esoteric lofty words about peace on Earth, but not really understanding what the dynamics are. You want to save the world without having compassion for the world. Generally, when we see a person imbalanced to the light, one of the first things we recognize is their lack of compassion, oddly enough. You would think the dark would have a lack of compassion. But, it's the light, the imbalanced light, thinking that everything has to be saved, and they are the only ones that can save it.

< Clarity 6 > What happens when a person is imbalanced to the light is they become so airy, etheric, ungrounded, intangible. But, they are no longer even efficient. They have all of these fluffy concepts that really aren't practical, really don't move energy at all. The imbalanced light is pushed by energy and tumbled around by energy, rather than being truly effective at moving energy.

< Clarity 6 > It has to be balanced. Why? Because you're understanding the light and dark… you're bringing them together. You're doing a soul eclipse. You're marrying the two. Money doesn't ever have to be out of balance… relationships never out of balance… love…sex… food… all of these things, never out of balance because you've chosen to come here. By the way, some of you worry; you say, "Well, but I'm coming into balance. I'm learning these things. I'm truly ready to accept the gifts and the joy into my life. But, what if I slide backwards?" There is a spiritual physics that almost makes it impossible - not totally, but almost makes it impossible - because you reach a certain level of enlightenment. You cannot erase enlightenment… you see. You cannot erase it. So, you're not going to slide backwards. You're not going to go do evil, dark things. You're not even going to do imbalanced light things. It'll be a balance.

< Discovery 9 > There's two things that are really challenging for many of you when it comes to moods and thoughts and this whole thing, and those two things are, number one, dark – your dark side; your negative side. You just don't want to face it, so you run from it. You don't want to embody it. And I'm sorry, but you cannot just embody the light. You cannot just embody the light. There's a term that we use on the other side, it's called, oddly enough, it's called anost. It's like gnost, but kind of “a” like a-gnost, and it means that there's a bias towards the light. You're trying to be the light. It's not going to work. And you're trying to be happy and pleasant and the light and the … it's a spiritual pacifier, and it's just not going to work. And every Master has realized that along the way. It's like, “Oh crap. I am the dark also.”

< Discovery 9 > So there's this tendency to move away from everything dark about yourself, including all the memories you've had of the past and your past in this lifetime and either blotting them out, pushing them away, trying to fix them, trying to process them. No, my friends, drink them in – the dark, the light, all of it – because if you're imbalanced to this light, you're going to learn some interesting things the hard way, the painful way. You don't get to enlightenment through the light. It is also about drinking in the dark. Now, right away, – gasp! – “If I drink in, breathe in my darkness, aren't I accepting the bad things about myself?” Well, yeah, kind of in a way, but they really weren't bad.