< Clarity 9QA > No, you are simply going through changes, Shaumbra symptoms, and it tends to affect the head very often... other Shaumbra will tell you they tend to feel pressure in their head... because you're changing the way you operate on Earth. Operating on Earth has been a very mental type of situation ever since Atlantis, and you're changing the way you operate. So it's literally re-programming or re-wiring the electric and the magnetic circuitry that you have in your Being, and sometimes this causes a headache. Any time you go through change, it creates a bit of discomfort for a period of time, and that is why you experience the headache. The disorientation is because you are expanding into other realms.

< Clarity 9QA > As so many Shaumbra have found, that you develop allergic reactions even when you didn't have them when you were younger, suddenly you start to get them. What is happening here is your entire system is becoming very, very sensitive - extremely sensitive - and therefore things that never bothered you before now are affecting you.

This is generally a temporary situation as your new biology learns to adapt to the sensitivities and to the outside things... everything from things that cause allergies to even dense, thick energies that cause headaches... as you learn to adjust to not just being in a room filled with other people but now other entities as well. When you expand into the other realms, now you feel other entities. So it is a process of adjustment.

< Clarity 10QA > You're going to want to get some body work and not to focus on the head or definitely not your teeth. But you want to get the entire energy running again. And we're going to suggest a few things. Learn to cry again. Start your feelings going again. Be aware and sensitive of things. You've gotten - we can see it - it's almost like you've got this mass in your energetic brain, not your physical brain, but you've got this mass built up because you think everything through too much. And the migraines are simply your beautiful physical self trying to tell you to stop putting so much pressure on it. And breathing is wonderful.

< freedom 3 > Headaches, mostly related to the sinuses. Now, there's two reasons. One, you're becoming more sensitive to the things in the air – pollutants, a little bit of allergies – so you're having more sinus problems, causing more headaches. But the real underlying energy cause for that is, it goes back to the breathing. First of all, you're not breathing consciously enough. Secondly, what you're breathing in now, when you do breathe consciously, is different. You're expecting it to be the same breath as before, and it's not. The breath is changing. In other words, the energy that you are breathing in is not the Old Energy or the old air. Literally, you're starting to breathe in a different type of energy.

It temporarily throws the sinuses out of whack. They're trying to figure out what's going on, causes a headache. As you continue particularly the gentle breath, the very gentle breath, your sinuses start to adapt to the New Energy, the headaches start going away.