< Clarity 9QA > No, you are simply going through changes, Shaumbra symptoms, and it tends to affect the head very often... other Shaumbra will tell you they tend to feel pressure in their head... because you're changing the way you operate on Earth. Operating on Earth has been a very mental type of situation ever since Atlantis, and you're changing the way you operate. So it's literally re-programming or re-wiring the electric and the magnetic circuitry that you have in your Being, and sometimes this causes a headache. Any time you go through change, it creates a bit of discomfort for a period of time, and that is why you experience the headache. The disorientation is because you are expanding into other realms.

< Transhuman 4 > It also gives you a feeling of disorientation, as most of you have felt from time to time, not being locked into that anymore. You suddenly start realizing that this whole concept of a linear life, what I call local linear – of this progression of hours, minutes, days, years – suddenly was a great big illusion. The whole concept of a past life is actually an illusion, or a future life. A lot of you think, “Well, I wonder, if I was going to stay here on the planet, what a future life would be like?” You want to find out? You take a deep breath and you feel into it. It's happening right now.