< QuantumLeap 10QA > Now, as all of you know, Adamus has a great love for France, perhaps because of his great love for all those human indulgences that can be found there. But I, Tobias, I'll give you my perspective. The energy of the church - the Catholic Church - has been so very deeply embedded in France's history, in both its known history and its secret history. There were many - how to say - type of rites and ceremonies that were done there in times that were perilous to the church for the long term preservation. Now these were types of ceremonies or secret gatherings that were done there, and very, very firmly rooted in energy of the Catholic Church in France.

So many, many centuries ago if it was wiped out in other countries or if Rome itself would fall, if the Vatican would no longer be located in the lands of which you now call Italy, that it would always have a reemergence in the place of France. So this very deeply rooted energy is still strongly at work there and this is causing the type of reactions that you see - the government, many of the leaders, those in control - literally trying to keep out any outside energy.

< Discovery 4 > The children didn't live very long. They died after Mary got to France. They had a very difficult time because they were the offspring of two very amazing beings, including one that wasn't in physical body. He was light sperm, so it was a little bit different than regular. (some laughter) It was! So they had a very difficult time handling the energies. They didn't last long, and it wasn't … it was said that it was a flu or some disease going around at the time that did them in, but it was just they could not handle it. Similar to a lot of the Crystal Children coming in right now. They come in so clear and so unfamiliar with the ways of the Earth that they come in and they end up with things like ADD and some of the other sensitivities, allergy sensitivities, autism and things like that. They're having a very difficult time adjusting to this energy.