Adam Kadmon

the template of humans on Earth;
divine human
;  God-man;

< NewEnergy 1QA > The Adam energy was designed and produced through the Order of the Arc. It was one of the initial templates for the divine and the biology to come together on Earth. There was a long path that it took before coming to Earth - what you would call, in a way - a type of galactic journey.

The Adam Kadmon energy that has brought you to this point no longer serves you. You could say this is one of the attributes of mass consciousness. It was an energy template that so many of you held. You could look into the energy of the Seven Seals and see it clearly. We are seeing it clearly here, and it is difficult to describe in words. But it is woven in. It is something that is into the DNA of the biology as well.

It is time to let that energy go. There will be a New one appearing. We don't want to assign a name to it at this point. Humans love these names. We wanted to keep it an open architecture at this point. But, you can honor the Adam Kadmon energy. Now, you can let it go, and it will be replaced by something very interesting. But, it was simply a template for the Old.

< NewEnergy 2 > The churches continue to tell you that you were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, that Adam and Eve had done something wrong. Dear friends, this is an old, old story. It is not true to begin with. There is a great misunderstanding about the metaphors that were originally created about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Indeed, it does represent the Adam Cadman energy, also the Eve, the female energies, the feminine. It represents, in a sense, your own leaving Home to go out on a wonderful journey.

But, dear friends, this is so much a part of religion. They say that you have to work your way back to God. Those who call themselves devout pierce their skin… damage their body… crawl along the ground… and get bloody so they may be seen as worthy in God's eyes. Dear friends, God does not need this, want this, or enjoy this. These are Old Energies that are stuck upon your Earth.

< e2012 10 > They are supporting or facilitating the physical change in the template of humans – the Adam Kadmon body – literally changing the DNA, changing the biological structure, literally separating or pulling apart some of these Atlantean conformity energies that have been so much a part of biology. Particularly, for those who are ready, and there are not many, but for those who are ready, this energy is literally going to go into their biology and start pulling them out of their family hereditary characteristics, pulling them out of their ancestral karma, and they're going to notice it first in their body.

< Kharisma 10 > Adamus, the Adam energy. Not Adam like the guy, but the Adam Kadmon energy, the template of humans on Earth. It has nothing to do with masculine or feminine, but it is the Adam. It is Adam-us, Adamus, Adam, all of us, all of you who have taken on human form, gone into this journey. Ah! What an amazing journey it is.