communication systems of the body;

< e2012 8 > Here it is safe. It truly is. You only have to deal with me. Here you can relax. Let that anayatron, all that little energetic communication system go about repairing, rejuvenating your bodies. Your bodies are getting slammed with energy. Notice how your aches and pains, your muscles can be sore at times? Oh yeah. That's because of the intense energy.

< Discovery 8 > I've used the word mind. Actually, the mind, the brain is a very necessary element. Early on when you started coming to this planet and taking on physical form, it was very hard to stay here, to stay balanced. Kind of like a light being trying to be a physical being. The mind was kind of the connection piece, the part that allowed you to stay in balance here. The mind was used to understand – actually to direct – biology. That was its number one purpose – to direct biology through this thing that we call the anayatron. So it was to basically integrate the light self into the biology.

< Discovery 10 > I'm even going to ask you right now in this merabh to forget about your anayatron. Tobias and I have talked about the anayatron, your body's light network, but guess what? That's going away. That was the old placeholder for your true light body. It was there. It was real. But it was just a placeholder until you were ready to accept the essence, the light body. It's going to be transforming as well. You don't need it anymore. As you integrate the physical into the entire Body of Consciousness, there is no reason or no need for some network, some system that communicates back and forth within your entire body from cell to cell. There's no need for it, because every cell is always in communication, always has the entire essence of the light body within it.

< Emergence 9 > Changing the orientation to energy sounds wonderful, but it creates tremendous stress on your body. Stress in your body, because it has to change all the ways it's been bringing in energy. The body essentially uses something we call an anayatron, the body's light communication network. The way all cells, the way even the DNA communicates with each other is called the anayatron. That's what has brought in the energy and that's what's distributed the energy to the body. The anayatron has been around for ages, and ultimately the DNA has been around for ages. It's all changing. All changing.

< Emergence 9 > When you redo your relationship with energy, it changes all that. It's literally changing the DNA, and it's changing your anayatron. Ultimately, you'll have this thing called a Free Energy Body, a lot of you call it the light body. Eh, I'm not so fond of that term, but your light body, your Free Energy Body. You eventually end up with that Free Energy Body after you've completely changed the relationship with energy in this lifetime.