interdimentional travel / time travel

multi-dimensional travel;

< DivineHuman 2 > Others of you (Shaumbra) do wait. You do wait for a period of time. You spend time on our side of the veil in these types of classes. You spend time traveling, for here we can do interdimensional travel. We can go to other parts of your physical universe, and other parts of all the dimensions that lie around it. You travel around. You come back to a remembering of who you are. You review past lives to help put them into perspective. At some point you are drawn back to Earth. Once you taste the human experience, you want to come back. You are connected to Earth. Indeed, there are even aspects and energies of yourself from the past that are still in the Earth. You are drawn back to the Earth sooner or later.

< DivineHuman 2 > We have access to the past. We can easily go back into the past. We cannot be part of the past, but we can go back to the past and feel its energies. We cannot go into a future because it has not been created yet. We can look at potentials of what might happen. We can look at the direction you are going in. But, we do not even like playing that game here. We do not like playing that game. That is not living in the Now. It is imagining how things will be. We learned quite some time ago not to predict the future. We wonder when humans are going to learn the same!

< Embodiment 7 > There is this thing called the Crimson Council on our side of the veil. You are all participants and members and strong influences in it. This is where we get together during your dream state or during your multi-dimensional travel. The Crimson Council is not one of the pillars of the Order of the Arc. We all come from different places, different families… the family of Michael… and the family of Raphael… the family of To-bi-wah. We converged into this thing called the Crimson Council at this time. And, as you know, it also consists of the energies of Ohamah, Kuthumi, Tobias. (and of course St.Germain) There are strong influences with Quan Yin and many, many others. You are active participants in this. We are not at a higher level than you. You are simply manifested on Earth right now, and we are not… possibly.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla actually was able to create a type of... this was not a machine, but it was a what you would call a field or an energy force... where he could literally play with the what you would call the limitations of time and space. He did literal time warping, space warping, in his experiments. He was able to also use them as a type of an inter-dimensional doorway. Of course, he was so far ahead of his time and he knew the implications of his work, particularly as the world was gearing up for major wars, he basically suppressed much of the information and the material. He allowed himself to go a bit crazy. He allowed himself to be seen as a mad scientist, and therefore not taken so seriously, although he knew within what he had been able to accomplish with some of the work that he did.

< Master 3 > Next … we're watching our time here for you, although time - what a non-fact. It serves you to a point … to a point. It helps to keep things kind of stabilized, but you're really time travelers. You're doing it right now, actually. Right now you're doing. That communication system was shut down so you think you're only here. You're traveling back and forth. The Pakauwah that is going into your body; it's also, while you're here, going outside and it's time traveling. It's an amazing thing. Time traveling is sometimes more fun than any human experience, other than a few that I can think of.