10000 years ago


< Teacher 10 > Then about, we're going to call it about ten thousand years ago, this spiral was growing at a very predictable path. Its speed was increasing at a predictable rate, and all of a sudden it seemed to take another leap. Not a large one, not what we would call a quantum leap, but it took a directional change. And here, once again, the spiral opened up, back to at least the level that it was in the Atlantean times, but its speed was going at a faster rate now than had ever been experienced in Atlantis. This is human consciousness.

< Teacher 10 > Over the period of particularly the last, from about ten thousand years ago to about eight thousand years ago, the spiral of human consciousness kept on expanding and kept on speeding up at a fairly consistent rate. But then, again, two thousand years ago, it took another change. The speed became even faster, so much that, from your human perspective, you could say you almost couldn't even see the speed of the spiral, it was going so fast. And now it was opening up, this spiral, but the distance between the circles of the spiral were no longer consistent.

You see, the spiral in the past always had a very patterned or very predictable spacing between each cycle of the spiral. This is like a big spiraling wheel that's turning. Two thousand years ago the spacing between the individual circles within the spiral changed the spacing so that the more further out levels of the spiral had much more distance than the spacing of the inner circles of the spiral two thousand years ago. And once again the speed picked up.