coincidence;  synchronisity;

< Ascension 10QA > It would be inappropriate to say all accidents or traumas are planned long in advance. When you are planning your lifetime, you do not write in every specific incident and accident. In a sense, you are only defining the flow and the rate of experience, much like the flow and rate of a river, but the river can take many turns along the way. Do you see? The river can divert. The river can create new channels and new conduits. You simply determine the overview of where you want to go.

So, when there is an accident in your life, and you say, " I must have planned this before I got here," it was not that way. The planning, particularly as you move into the New Energy, becomes almost spontaneous and immediate. It becomes very rapid in relationship to where your consciousness is.

Now, you are also not locked in to any contract or even to any plan. You can change the river of your life at any time. But, understand that at certain levels within you there is a need to know and to understand things, so check in with yourself to see what type of experiences you are looking for. You are not bound by contract, or plan, or any of that any more. Understand that you are truly the creator.

< Embodiment 7QA > Yes, you did create an event that shook some of the stuck energy and some of the trauma within you. And, you let yourself clear it very rapidly, as we have discussed before. We are going to be fast-tracking with everyone now in different ways and different modalities.

But, you have to say that there are no accidents. Everything is by design and by creation. And, the being who participated in your event or your experience here… you can't say that they knew in advance that this certain thing was going to happen. That is somewhat of a misunderstanding. However, they had volunteered their energy - in a way that's difficult to describe - to put themselves in that place, knowing that they would be in a type of service, knowing that there would be a back-end energy coming in for them, as well. There would be a type of learning or reciprocating energy for them.

So, it is not like you two sat down in advance and planned this all out. But, they allowed their energy to be present at that moment for you. You did go through quite a bit of releasing. You created another interesting energy in doing so, a type of guilt energy. And, as you expressed through your words, you're not sure that you did the right thing, not sure if you are on the right track. So, you released some energy, but you created another box for yourself. So, by standing here and by letting me do my little work on you here, we've gotten rid of that box also.

< Teacher 5QA > One of the ways that you have brought energy (soul energy, consciousness) in in the past was to do it through some type of trauma - an accident, something that even possibly caused you great stress on your body, a drama in your life that caused the type of shock or overwhelming reaction. And during that time period, that major incident that took place, it allowed energies, even old energies, to flow in. As we have said before just when you are born into the biological body, it's not like you bring in all of your energy at one time. It slowly comes in over 14 - up to 21 years of time. Oftentimes it is brought in when you have a trauma.