trauma / trauma point


< Ascension 4QA > There are patterns that you, all of you, get into that are difficult to change. There are events that happen that are attempting to get you out of this type of rut. We call these "trauma points." These are things that happen in your life. It could be in a type of accident that happens. It could be an event like your September 11. It is a trauma point. It causes transformation to occur. It makes change. It puts you into a new mode of consciousness.

With your own personal situation that you refer to here, you, and we, do not want you to go through a trauma point to make change, for sometimes these trauma points hurt very much. Sometimes, running into the wall does not feel so good. A trauma point creates a way to make a rapid changeover in consciousness, but it is not such a fun way.

< Teacher 5QA > One of the ways that you have brought energy (soul energy, consciousness) in in the past was to do it through some type of trauma - an accident, something that even possibly caused you great stress on your body, a drama in your life that caused the type of shock or overwhelming reaction. And during that time period, that major incident that took place, it allowed energies, even old energies, to flow in. As we have said before just when you are born into the biological body, it's not like you bring in all of your energy at one time. It slowly comes in over 14 - up to 21 years of time. Oftentimes it is brought in when you have a trauma.

< Teacher 5QA > So for Kuthumi to do this simple and short exercise today is significant. You can bring in your New Energy, your divine energy, without the trauma. You can bring it in without all of the difficult and harsh circumstances. You don't need to suffer to have it come in. You can do this in a group. For any of you Shaumbra who meet together, take a few moments to breathe in and to soak in the New Energy that is here for you. You can do it by yourself with your regular breathing, which I know all of you do - with your regular breathing to allow that New Energy into your life.

< Teacher 5QA > You don't need to bottom out before you go through that next evolution. You can choose to do it gracefully. You can choose to do it where you don't have to lose everything. But right now there's still a very old mindset that you carry but many other humans do also, that you must go through this trauma in the evolution in order to basically free yourself of all those energies to move forward. You don't need to do that. You don't need to get to the point of losing your home and losing all of your property, basically being destitute in order to rediscover yourself. You can choose to do it more gracefully and you can choose to do it abundantly.