< Embodiment 4 > And, he (Ohamah) came back… indeed he did to the lands of what is known as India. But, he was the warrior. And, he got vengeance. But, that didn't bring him the true peace. It didn't bring him the true integration. It took him a long, long time to overcome the scars of Atlantis. So, he comes back now at this very important point in your history to help you move through it as well, to help you release perhaps vows that you might have had, to help you release energies that you might be holding.

< Discovery 4 > Where did Yeshua go? The desert. Began wandering in the desert. The Essenes were very familiar with Moses. But they also had a different set of commandments. Understandings of Moses have been so distorted and rewritten over the years. The Ten Commandments actually had about 10,000 changes in the commandments since they were given. So he begins wandering in the desert. Where did he end up, as the first major part of his journey? India. More specifically in the area known as Kashmir. Ah, Kuthumi's backyard. Yeah. They didn't know each other.

< Discovery 4 > He ended up searching for answers, yes, wandering through the desert. Doesn't even remember how he got to India, how he got to this land. He was so destitute, so depressed he ended up there. And there, in wandering around India, he met some incredible teachers who literally shook down his world from everything he had learned as an Essene, everything he'd learned about history and God. It was a big shakeup, because he learned that God wasn't some guy up there. He learned that God wasn't an angry being who asked humans to worship. He learned that God was already within. That God was and had come to be what you now know as love and acceptance and compassion. It was hard for him, very hard for him to understand that, particularly with the bitterness of everything he had gone through.