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< kharisma 9 > Life is whatever you basically imagine it, choose it to be with the Kyeper. The Kyeper. There's this air, physical air, ethereal air, it creates a fabric like a material, like a beautiful glistening material. You throw your Kyeper on that fabric and it creates your life. Most people don't know that and they don't do it consciously; they just kind of splatter on that fabric. But there's this beautiful fabric and with the Kyeper you can create anything you want. Where you're going, where all of us are going is beyond, into whatever you want. There's this fear that there is going to be some darkness. You just laugh at the darkness. Yeah, it's going to be there. It's going to be yours. You just laugh at it, and then we become whatever we choose to become, and continuing to evolve it, to expand it, to make more of that painting on this air and ether fabric. It's that simple. In other words, none of it matters. It's only what you choose. So, but a part of it is trusting yourself.

< kharisma 10 > The algorithm basically comes from passion and desire. Not human so much, but a deep inner passion that creates what I want to call light, but not like these lights; a stream of light, basically kind of like a stream of consciousness, but not quite. So let's just call it a stream of light, a radiance of consciousness (=kyeper) that goes out. It attracts, basically in this reality, three different types of energies  (Bon) – electric, magnetic and something I call plunk. It's right up there. Nobody knows about it yet. Science doesn't know about it, but plunk is basically – it's a real word that we use – it's basically gravity but in kind of a different way than what you know gravity to be, and it has a tremendous influence on ultimate manifestation.

< Kharisma 10 > Gravity just isn't a physical phenomenon; it is an emotional phenomenon. There's gravity in your emotions. It's a phenomenon of your passion, your desire, as well. It attracts or repels things. So you put that in conjunction with magnetics and with electronics, electric impulses, so you've got this beam of light, kind of like the stream of consciousness coming in picking up all these energies, negatively and positively charged in the form of electric, magnetic and plunk; suddenly, you have reality. Suddenly, you have the algorithm of God. Suddenly, you have manifestation.

< WalkOn 2 > What is Timespace? That's an interesting question, and how far does it reach? Well, there's a better word actually that we use for Timespace, because that's a relatively limited word. The word we use for Timespace is bon. B-o-n, bon. B-o-n. Bon would be like a hologram, like a fabric, but not a physical fabric, like the hologram that is prevalent everywhere where consciousness goes. It is a way of consciousness of perceiving and experiencing itself. It is a hologram onto which the consciousness is able to see, feel, experience – not see with the eyes, but feel, experience – to know itself. That is the core of everything in all of creation. It's not a substance. It's not measurable by anything in current science.

< WalkOn 2 > Scientists don't really, eh, they don't even know about it. But to help you to understand, at the core is bon and that creates then what your scientists do know a little about – plasma. Plasma. Not plasma, as in blood, but plasma as in that substance that is the most … do you realize plasma is the most prevalent substance of anything in the universe? But very, very little is really discussed or known about it. A dark hole is basically highly, highly, highly condensed plasma. So from bon comes plasma. From plasma comes things like the ions, the way neutrons and protons and atoms and everything else works. But bon is at the very, very core of it. You could say that bon is the Timespace, but it is more than just time-space that you know as humans; time, space, both being linear.

< WalkOn 2 > Bon is kind of like the stage for consciousness, or the screen for consciousness on which to play. Bon or Timespace exists in all realms. You have this thing called time-space that is pretty unique to the human journey, but if you go into another dimension, there is a form of Timespace. It has to be. But it's bon. It's not time, as in the watch and space like as in a size. It's simply a parameter, a variable that is there to serve consciousness, because consciousness is not energy. Consciousness is not physical reality.

< WalkOn 2 > Consciousness chooses to have something, a core something which to experience itself. Your greatest experience here on Earth is time-space. It allows you to do everything you're doing – time, space and gravity. So bon exists everywhere where consciousness journeys and experiences. It changes from dimension to dimension, in a way. Its effect, the way it allows consciousness to experience is different, but the basic element is still there. So it could be said, in a way, that a form of Timespace exists in all the dimensions, but not necessarily in the same fashion that it exists here. A form of gravity or suction or attraction exists in all dimensions, but in a different flavor than what you have here.

< WalkOn 2 >
Q: So then energy would be nothing more than a perception?
A: Energy is a perception, but very, very real. Energy is a form of bon that is serving you. You could say – and again, here it gets a little tricky – but you could say that bon is what some would call Unified Energy Field. But there are some misunderstandings about it. There is the Field, the reservoir that's right here and everywhere, of energy potential that is an absolutely neutral state. It has no positive or negative charge to it. It is waiting for consciousness to activate it. It is waiting then to turn into activated energy, positive or negative energy. It is waiting to turn into plasma. It is waiting for the activation, ultimately, into atoms and molecules and everything else in your reality that is enabled by gravity. Gravity, once again, being time and space.

< WalkOn 2 > The Timespace element is kind of like a funnel or a venturi. A venturi dealing with fluid dynamics. Basically, if you have fluid flowing through a vessel and that vessel then is constricted at a point and then opens up again at a point, there is a flow of a fluid. There is an amount of pressure. There is time and space in here. This is called a venturi. It deals with liquids, but it could be applied to other things. As it flows through here and it becomes constricted, what happens? It goes faster. Higher pressure and greater energization, greater energy potential, you could say caused by the pressure and the speed, but deeper into it there is more energy within that very same fluid as it goes through venturi, not because of just the speed and the pressure, it is activated now. It is activated.

< WalkOn 2 > Timespace works similar to it. In a sense, it's like a funnel, and out here it's moving at a different rate and it has a different energy attractant potential out here than it does here. Now, what would this (narrow part) be? This is the Now moment. This is the past and this would be the future. So this is past, Now and future. And that is one of the principals of Timespace movement through you.

< WalkOn 2 > If you are present, if you are conscious – not of time but conscious of yourself, aware of your awareness, “I Exist” – the flow rate of Timespace is different. Not necessarily faster though. As a matter of fact, you're going to begin to understand it actually appears to go slower. It actually doesn't. Everything else goes slower, but the perception is that things slow down. When you're in the Now moment, the flow of Timespace is more harmonious, it is more compatible, it is more serving to you than when you're hanging out in the past or hanging out in the future. That's the physics reason for being in the Now, not just it's nice airy-fairy, but it has a dramatic effect on you. On you.

< WalkOn 2 > Let's take a moment and go back to the principal. The ball actually did not move. Timespace moved, and when I throw that ball, Timespace is moving and it's creating gravity, a suction that will hold in physical matter, emotional matter, belief matter, and it creates reality. That is beautiful, just the ability for you, as consciousness, to have this happen. When consciousness doesn't have arms and legs or a brain or eyes, for you to have this happen as a result of your consciousness is truly amazing! And, when you can also learn to step out of mass consciousness Timespace into your own Timespace, when you can learn that you're no longer dependent on time-space god, that you are truly a sovereign being with their own bon, with their own plasma, with their own everything, then you are free. Interesting.

< WalkOn 2 > And I'd like you to feel, sense – really sense right now – this time and space moving through you. You're the constant. Your consciousness is the constant. It's always there. It is always, always, always, always in the Now moment. Consciousness cannot be out of the Now moment. Selfish me human, it can be out. It can go in the past and the future. But the Now moment is consciousness. Consciousness is the Now moment. You are the constant. You are that light, that projector light that I talked about.

< WalkOn 2 > When you're in that chaotic state, Timespace acts very, very different. It's serving you, still. It's not trying to work against you. It's just behaving different, responding differently to your consciousness. And the Master understands that they can command bon, Timespace, this hologram; they can command this hologram to serve them. Suddenly, the Master, in the Now moment, realizing that Timespace is responding to them, the hologram is responding to their consciousness – not their thoughts, but their consciousness – suddenly, the level of panic and anxiety gets less and less. The resonance, the freedom one has with themselves and the ability to let this hologram serve them, rather than the other way around; suddenly, everything changes.

< WalkOn 2 > In this space, feeling the I Am, allowing this hologram, the bon, to serve you, suddenly you realize “I Am a creator.” Suddenly, all the little me human issues are so unimportant and you wonder why you've struggled. You wonder why all the battles. You wonder why things so often didn't go your way. Then you realize you were trying to be an object moving through time and space. You were subservient to the time-space god, but no more. Now it goes to work for you. In this realization, you actually reassess all the things that you thought were important, or not important. You realize that anything is possible. You're in the Now moment. You're back in consciousness. It is simple. It is not complicated. It is not linear. It is the I Am.

< WalkOn 2 > Now, there's one big, big difference. When you realize that bon moves through you, this hologram is moving for you; when you realize that, gravity changes. That's kind of the bottom line: gravity changes. In the old scenario of you being the object moving through time and space, the gravity was very rough. Gravity was deep and thick, hard to get out of. It held you in. But the variable of gravity changes when one realizes that they are the constant and Timespace moves through them. The element of gravity that used to confine you in your thoughts, in your body, in your dreams and aspirations, in everything; the gravity that made the body old; the gravity that kept you on incarnational cycles suddenly changes. The G-force is different. When one allows or realizes Timespace is there to serve them, the effects of gravity, of attraction, of holding things into reality suddenly change.

< WalkOn 6 > And suddenly you'll realize, “Hey, this TimeSpace thing,” which is really a part of the whole plasma projection onto Bon and all the rest of that, your reality, “this whole TimeSpace thing was a big trick, in a way.” Time and space are like the water, the warm water in a nice pool just waiting for you. You could float around there for a long time. It's a big pool of potentials. That's all it is. You float around there, take it easy, do whatever you want while you're floating, listen to nice music. And then the moment you desire to express and experience, to have your creativity come roaring forth, then you start to feel the current, the movement now of time and space in absolute response to you.

< WalkOn 6 > There are colors. There are spectrums. There are dimensions that do not exist, even in the mind of God. There are places and spaces that you're going to find yourself in that nobody has ever, ever gone to, and you're going to wonder how it got there. You're going to wonder who created it, how old it is, this place that you suddenly find yourself in; who does it belong to, and you're going to realize nobody's ever been there, ever. That's what you call this creativity and Bon, together. This inspiration, this passion on the backdrop of Bon, the screen where any reality can be created and nobody did it.