inner soul / inner self


< Embodiment 8 > We know it is difficult to see at times because you try what you call "creation." You try to - how to say - blow out a candle without literally blowing, without touching it. You try to do it in your mind, and you struggle, and you strain. And, then you fall back and say, " I must not be a Creator. I don't understand why Tobias keeps saying I am." Perhaps, you are looking at creation in an Old Energy way. Perhaps, so much of your energy is tied up with making your story work… you see. Sometimes you don't get what you ask for, do you? Sometimes you pray to God, and you pray to angels for certain things to happen. Perhaps, you're just trying to make your story bigger. Perhaps, at the inner soul level there is a deeper desire, a deeper understanding. And, perhaps now is the time to bring that to your consciousness.

< Teacher 2 > Your ability, with the Standard Technology, can literally cure cancer in another person - if they let it - because their consciousness and their inner self is going to see what you have done and they are going to start reflecting it, mirroring it or mimicking it, within themselves. Your clearing of things that don't serve your body is going to start occurring within them as well.