< MNEC2006-K > Compassion for everything around you, looking at the beauty that's there but has gone unnoticed. In even some of the worst of situations, there is beauty. I see that the trees around here, as many of you have noticed, have turned brown. They are dying, and some of you felt sad for the trees. But you know, there is beauty in this process, because where there is death, there is also rebirth. Where there is a cleansing out of old energies, there is soon to be a renewal. There is beauty in everything.

< MNEC2006-K > And sometimes you forget to look at your own beauty and the beauty of the things around you, and then what happens? Well, your body literally manifests everything. Your body is like a mirror, your face and your eyes in particular, and then you don't feel so good looking. You don't act so good looking, and it is very difficult to be an ugly teacher. (laughter)You want to be reflecting the beauty of everything inside of you and around you.

< Teacher 2 > Humans use the busy-ness as an excuse for not looking at their hearts and their desires, their needs. They use busy-ness for a reason not to look at the beauty of life. They use busy-ness for not looking in at the beauty of their spirit. So they are always busy running around, going here and there, and the only time they take a moment is when they're totally exhausted at the end of the day. Shaumbra, you don't need to be busy anymore and you don't need to work hard. Work gnost! Be gnost. Gnost is a beautiful energy. It is yours. It doesn't come from your Correspondent, doesn't come from anybody else, it has always been yours. It is the answer. It is the simplification of any situation.