acorn hunters


< Creator 9 > Now we want to talk about some old energy attributes. There were those that we call the "acorn hunters," the humans that had to go out and gather the nuts and the acorns, much like squirrels gather them and bring them back into their old energy house, for they feared not having enough resources. So they gathered acorns, stooping along the ground and bring them back into the house for the long winter ahead. They are being cautious indeed. But dear friends, there is also a level of fear attached to this.

< DivineHuman 10 > We have said before that there will be a major revision of the overall world monetary system in these years ahead, not so many years away. You are still dealing with an Old Energy way of money. And, it will change. It has to change. In the meantime you will see the ups and downs. But, it does not have to affect you. You can create abundance in every moment. You can do that best by letting go of every preconceived notion that you had about what abundance is. You can do that by not hoarding money away for a rainy day, because, as you know, if that's what you are doing - if you are stockpiling it (acorn hunter), you are fearful of spending it - you WILL get a rainy day. So, dear friends, it does not have to affect you. You can be totally, totally abundant in this New Energy.