method of making choice and having synchronization return to your life;

< Clarity 7 > It's time to make choices in your life. Conscious choices. It can begin with a yes and a no. Not "we'll see what happens." Not "perhaps" or "maybe," but a "yes" or "no." Such a simple, wonderful technique. We go into it in great detail in synchrotizing - something that you can do for yourself. You're going to find that intuitively you know this material - it is your material - because the Shaumbra that I called together to come to the Bahamas were your representatives. They had some unique attributes, unique characteristics, but they were your representatives.

< Clarity 7 > So you'll find that this synchrotizing - this method of choosing and having synchronization return to your life. It's very intuitive. You're going to feel that you already know it. We do go through some steps very deliberate and specific so that you can get back on track. Also, so that you can start working with others. This isn't - by the way, others that you're going to work with in this, they aren't Shaumbra. They are outside of Shaumbra, but they're people who are stepping forward in their consciousness. They're not satisfied with the old ways or their old self. They want some different answers. So we've laid out this program for Shaumbra to teach and to charge for. I'm going to insist on that right now. Cauldre didn't mention it before, but if you're going to teach it, you have to charge for it. The energy does not work otherwise. Trust me.

< MNEC2006-T > The conformity of the mind, the ability of the mind to be directed and hypnotized and limited and controlled, is still around today. Saint-Germain has talked about it in Synchrotize?, and he talks about the lies of the mind, the lies that you tell yourself and the lies that are inflicted into your reality landscape. The reason why is because of these mind control experiments that took place in Atlantis and eventually... eventually were the main reason for the downfall of Atlantis. But it stuck, it stayed with.