Edger Cayce


< Clarity 3 > This one also literally has the energy of Shaumbra, a very early Shaumbra perhaps, but one that we have all known in the past, one that every one of you has worked with in one way or the other, with the soul being of this dear guest today. This one comes in for he started the work early. He started opening doors and opening consciousness quite a while ago. He started working with rejuvenating energies and expanded energies. This dear one is - how to say - very closely connected with the Earth realms because of his deep and dear love for the work that goes on and for the continuation of the work that he began a long time ago. And, he took a particular fascination with this group called Shaumbra long before you ever heard the term Shaumbra.

< Clarity 3 > So, we would like to welcome in the energy of our dear guest, Edgar Cayce on this day to be with you. He talked to you before even I was talking to you like this. You read the books, and you felt that you were right there with him in his channels, in his seance work. You understood that "sleeping prophet" like most others didn't. You never thought what he was doing was frivolous or crazy. You knew it made so much sense; it was so clear. He came in early with a few others to begin breaking the ice at a time when the Earth was on such a very interesting path, a path of potential destruction. He came in to move consciousness, create a potential of change for those who were ready to embrace it. And, look at what he did. Look at how he went beyond.

< Clarity 3 > Many of you literally were helping to guide and assist him in his work before you ever incarnated onto this Earth. You sat during the sessions. And, I know that many of you can remember this, even bring a few tears to your eyes. You sat in the Second and the Third Circle before you came back to Earth in this lifetime. Back in his heyday you sat there as an angel, being observing and watching, assisting him in his transformation work, assisting him in keeping his balance. That is what you did for him back then. When you were working with him from our side of the veil, you knew it was very, very difficult. Consciousness wasn't anywhere near what it is now. You knew it would be easy for him to go out of balance.

< Clarity 3 > So, you helped to keep Edgar Cayce balanced… balanced in his family life... balanced in his financial life… balanced in his work… balanced with his ego… not because he would get a large ego, but you know he would tend to have destroyed his ego, put it down. You know what that's like. He was doing phenomenal work. And, it wasn't a fear that he would get this big head, get full himself. It was the fear that he would belittle himself. And, you helped to remind him how much you loved him, how important his work was for the work that you were going to continue on Earth. Your work right now as Shaumbra is a continuation of what he started. His work was a continuation of what you had started prior to that. It is like a leapfrogging back in time - one serves the other.

< Clarity 3 > Many of you have felt dear Edgar's energy around during some of these Shouds because it has been. Many of you talk to him because he also embodies the energy of Shaumbra. He was an early Shaumbra. Many of you knew you knew him from a previous time. And, you did because he was with us in the temples in Atlantis. Many of you helped to move and to balance energy during his sessions. And, when you read them later in a book, you felt so close, so intimate to that. And, you couldn't understand why. And, now you know.

< Clarity 3 > When he left Earth in this past lifetime as Edgar Cayce, he did go all the way back to what Saint Germain describes as the Bridge of Flowers. He did it very quickly because he understood the path. He knew it. He had walked it in his "sleeping prophet" stage. But, then from the Bridge of Flowers he was able to come back to the Earth realms without taking on a physical body. He was able to come back into the near realms, the non-physical Earth-bound realms.

He was able to - much as a magician or an alchemist - not get caught in the energy that would have pulled him back into a body… but yet to be close without coming all the way in so he could continue the work that was started by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)… so he could be so very close to his dear loved one and a partner that he'd had for many lifetimes - Hugh Lynn Cayce - working almost as one with Hugh Lynn… almost so closely that some thought that Hugh Lynn was the reincarnation of dear Edgar. But, they worked as one.

< Clarity 3 > It is time for some rejuvenating. You said today that you didn't want a lot of information, that it was time to let your body, your mind, and your spirit rebalance, rejuvenate. And, that is why our dear friend Edgar is with us also. He was a master at helping others to understand how to clear their bodies and their minds. He was a master at understanding unique applications of energies, whether they were in human form or the etheric form.

< Clarity 10 > A dear friend of all of ours who was here recently as a guest, Edgar Cayce. Very authentic, very authentic. Oh yes, he spent many years of his life in conflict over the era that he lived in, some of his religious background and what he was doing. But he always stayed true to himself and authentic. He always went into the essence of what was important to him - him! Not everybody else, but him.