problem / issue

energy space for your mind not to be bored;

< MNEC2006-K > Humans tend to get caught up in the whole syndrome of problems, it is addictive energy. It is addictive energy. They actually like having problems. You know how to turn a room full of humans silent instantly? Tell them they can't speak about problems! (laughter) This is what humans do - they talk about problems. They go over problem after problem after problem and when the problems just naturally tend to disappear, they create new problems - because they're bored!!

< MNEC2006-K > The mind has been so programmed to work on problems to keep it occupied. It is an artificial version of being creative. The mind takes a problem and starts hashing over it, looking at it from a very analytical standpoint, viewing it from every different side, analyzing all of the different potentials, analyzing all of the probable outcomes. But then the mind also continues, in these outcomes, to interject new problems that may occur along the way to reaching the solution. So the problems continue over and over again, perpetuating themselves. It is an addictive energy.

< MNEC2006-K > Shaumbra, what problems do you have? None. You just think you have problems because your mind has to keep busy. You have to keep it occupied, and you know, problems are a fun game for the mind. Your mind is designed to work on things, to assess things. The mind is designed to keep busy all the time, so it will devour problems. It will chew on them over and over again just like a dog chews on a bone, never wanting to let them go.

< MNEC2006-K > But the real situation, the real problem is - the true problem is - you don't have solutions. You have problems but no solutions, because solutions are no fun. They're the end of the line. It means the mind has to stop churning and working so hard. It doesn't have any games to feed it, so it will naturally continue to perpetuate a problem for the sake of itself. It doesn't want to be bored, doesn't want to be cast off into nothingness, so it will continue problem after problem after problem. It is a vicious cycle, it is a very tiring cycle, and it is a cycle that we can end - you can end.

< MNEC2006-K > Problems also prevent this thing called "dei un gnost" or "gnost" from working. Because if the mind is perpetually occupied with the problems, this fourth leg of the stool, gnost, will simply back off. It will honor and respect the fact that you are choosing problems and choosing a very crude and rudimentary way of handling them through the mind. Human problems literally keep gnost away.

< MNEC2006-K > There is a solution. It is time to hit the easy button. Gnost is like a big easy button, but you have to let go of the problem first. You have to let go of the problem. You have to admit to yourself that there's really not a problem, there's just not a solution yet. You see how that works? There's really not a problem. You don't have a problem with your health - you just don't have the solution yet! (laughter) You have a situation, an experience that you're going through, you just haven't let the solution come in. It comes in through gnost. It's not mental, it's not struggling.

< MNEC2006-K > So you let go of the problem. You tell yourself that you truly don't have a problem with your health, you're just going through an experience. And you take a deep breath and you make way for gnost - the solution. You make way for it. You empty yourself, in a way. You create your own safe and sacred place. You clean your house preparing for the guest, which is gnost, and then you let it go.

< MNEC2006-K > As you let these problems go, it creates a type of divine space or vacuum where gnost can move in. The solution. And here's something interesting. You're going to discover with gnost... I say it is a creative solution and you're going to discover it has nothing to do with the problem that you just let go of. See, you're looking for a one-to-one relationship. You got a problem, you let it go and you think gnost gives you the solution to that problem. But in the New Energy, gnost is different. We move to a different level.

< MNEC2006-K > As gnost moves in, you'll realize that, first of all, that problem really wasn't a problem. It never needed a linear solution, it just needed a different energy occupying the space. This is New Energy physics, Shaumbra, and it is so beautiful, so simple. The problem never existed, it just took up an energetic space. And as gnost, the creative solution, moves in, you'll realize that the problem never existed in the way you thought it did.

< e2012 8 > It is going to affect your thought process, particularly for resolution – problem resolution – because most of the time you're applying a mental energy on something that should have been creative. You've got a problem, something doesn't work, typically the mind would click in and say, “We have this problem. Let's run through all the scenarios. Let's analyze what's wrong.” That actually should have been the time you should have been using mostly creative. Any time there's a problem, bring in creativity. You will have resolution. Creative is the thing that finds answers. Mental executes what the creative finds, at least up until now.