laughing / humor


< Ascension 2QA > In the story of the Lightworker Rachel, it has been said on our side that with just one very good laugh of hers, one very good, open laugh that she had not so very long ago, this released and cleared all of the pain and suffering and the karma of one life. With just one laugh! That should tell you something of the power of laughter, of the ability to smile and to let go and not to be so concerned.

< Clarity 4 > Sometimes you feed yourself with laughter. It sustains the spirit. You bring laughter in in a variety of different ways. You tell jokes, or you associate with people who are funny. Or, perhaps you sit down and watch a movie or a television show that has comedy. And, there is laughter in that. Laughter is an energy, and it feeds you. How are you bringing it in? Why are you bringing it in, Shaumbra? How does it feed you? Again, we are asking you to be the observer here.

< Teacher 5 > I (Kuthumi) also learned something very, very interesting in my journeys in that lifetime. I learned how to laugh. As a child I did not laugh. Laughing was considered non-intellectual. And in my household my father and mother, both very, very scholarly, very intelligent. But also, I have to share with you, very unhappy. Very unhappy. I learned from people, all throughout the lands, how to smile, how to laugh, how to make humor. Humor has its own particular energy. It transforms stuck energy. It allows you to take some of the heaviness off of duality.

< Teacher 5 > Humans - they can laugh. They can create humor much, much better than the angels. Even on our side of the veil, the nonphysical realms, the ones who have never been in human body have no idea what humor is. It's not that they're so serious, but they haven't gone through what we have. You have to have gone through it in order to make light of it, to laugh at it, to understand that it is not so serious after all. To be able to play a little bit, to be able to put a smile on somebody else's face.

< Teacher 7 > If you can't - if you can't see the humor in this blessing called life, if you can't see the humor in this... basically this theater of life, this game that is being played by humans... it's going to suck you in. It's going to take you right into its drama. It's going to feed off of you. It's going to twist your thinking, and it's going to get you to believe that it's you. It's going to get you to believe that you're the one with wars going on, you're the one with disease, you're the one with deep and dark and depressed feelings. It's going to get you to buy right into this game that we've called mass consciousness. And as you know, then it becomes so difficult to get out.

< Discovery 7 > There is nothing quite like being here and on this planet; the sensual experiences that one can have. And can you imagine now doing it consciously? Consciously having experiences – experiences of your choosing. It's not that it's going to be without challenges. Mastery does not mean that there's not going to be outside challenges, but there is inside balance. There is … consciousness and mastery is humor. It is humor. Being able to smile and laugh at all of the things going on around you, and even at yourself, with good humor. Not sarcasm necessarily, but with good humor. Smiling. Sarcasm.