< Clarity 4 > Some of you love gossip. You love to gossip. You love to talk about others. There is an energy of gossip that is very real, very potent, very, very strong. You can't avoid gossip, it seems. Sometimes you chastise yourself afterwards. You say, "I say I shouldn't have gotten involved in that gossip." All it is is food, food for the soul. Even gossip is food for the soul. How is it feeding you? What is it doing? What are the dynamics? Is it just because it is highly charged energy? Now, don't go intellectual here. The answers aren't that deep, and they aren't hidden anyway. Sometimes it is just an injection of strong energy that you bring into your life. Sometimes you feel you need that energy to get you going. Sometimes after a good gossip session, you feel more energized, more alive than you did before the gossip session. So, somehow it's feeding you.