orgasm / sensual experience

Orgasm is a release, a release from configuration, a release from the norm.

< NewEnergy 3QA > Indeed, the orgasms that humans are experiencing right now - NOT right now (much audience laughter) - are so very limited and sometimes so dreadfully painful. We are not talking from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint. This is supposed to be one of the greatest gifts that you gave yourselves when you came to Earth. And, it is so - how to say - so small in comparison to what it could be.

Orgasms should be so much more fulfilling and joyful. The energies that come from this, that are shared between people, that are brought into oneself… they are so tremendous.

Right now you are inhibiting this process - all of you are. You are not allowing yourself to have joy. That is what it boils down to. You try to bring yourself to a point of climax. You struggle to get there. You have so many emotions tied up in this. You wonder if you are doing it right. You try to figure all of this out. And, oh… we would just rather start all over with this.

It could be so much more fulfilling if you release some of the concepts and some of the emotions you have around this. It is so fulfilling and so multi-dimensional. It is so sacred and spiritual!

But, it has been diminished over the ages of man. You have been made to feel shameful. You have been made to feel that it is something dirty and sinful. You have been told that you're going to go to an eternal hell if you practice this outside of marriage. Whose rule does that sound like? It is not a law of God. God asked you to go to Earth and enjoy life.

In the early days of Lemuria and even into the days of Atlantis, sex and reproduction were two different things, you see… different orifices. So, that you did not need to worry about getting pregnant by having pleasure. Through all of this programming and all of the struggling that humanity has gone through, they were combined into a single organ.

And, they were also placed near the anus of the body. They were all put together in the same area. You are eliminating wastes from the same part of your body that you are trying to reproduce and enjoy pleasure. Dear friends, it is time for all of this to change.

There was a time when you could enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual pleasures together in a grand orgasm, in a beautiful, wonderful sharing with each other, or by yourself. This has been so distorted.!

So, we ask you, in particular - all of you - to go out and begin the new work in this area. Do it without shame. Do it boldly. You will see how quickly people respond to it. (audience laughter) You will see that people are craving for the remembrance of Home. How do you think the quickest way to have this remembrance is? It is through the human sexual experience. This will bring about the remembrance of Home faster than anything.

So begin the teachings. Begin your classes. Don't worry about where to begin… anywhere. Don't worry about the abundance. They will be willing to pay grand sums of money. (more laughter) If you look at it… when this wonderful tool called the Internet was first created, what was the first thing that was placed on there? It was sex. So, now you see that they are desiring this, even the ones that have a - how to say - somewhat perverse viewpoint of sex. They are simply trying to find Home. So, thank you, thank you… time for you work to begin.

< Clarity 8QA > However, that being said, there are going to be times then, as you're going through the disconnect, where when you do have sex with a partner that it is going to be so open and so free and so beyond some of the old methods and rituals that were used before. It becomes such a discovery and a joy now, so open that it is beyond any of the sex that you have known before. And humans tend to follow a very interesting and very boring pattern right now for sex.

We have actually timed it here... and we would throw this out to any researchers... typical human sex lasts 11 1/2 minutes, on average - and that includes the entire process, sometimes even taking the clothes off! There are a few steps that the human reaches and goes through, and they tend to repeat these same boring steps over and over, and their whole goal is to have an orgasm. But actually they don't even understand orgasm. It is generally just a physical release that they are looking for. That is not truly an orgasm at all, so ... oh Cauldre ... He always says to me, "This is like listening to your father talk about sex" - and indeed it is!

But you're going to find that it provides a whole new experience with sexuality. And it's not just about a physical need or a release but now is going to combine the very soul of both of you. But also understand, as incongruent as it sounds, then you're going to desire times where you don't want any sort of physical touch at all. While it seems to be totally at odds, there's reasons for this right now.

< Teacher 9QA > All Shaumbra have the potential to understand the true magnificence of the sexual energy and to understand that, more than anything, it is just self love. It is not necessarily physical, not even necessarily about what you would term pleasure.

Pleasure - we could do a long dissertation about that - but pleasure ... there's still very old Atlantean implants based on pleasure. It is a trigger. Used inappropriately it can be a method for stealing energy from others, entrapping them, manipulating them and controlling them. So there is always that fine line, that fine balance. You have to answer the question within yourself.

I would give you one hint though. If it is just about sex, whether it is in a physical act with a physical human or in the perception of a physical act with a non-human, I would take another look at it, because there is so much more to sex than the physical. Sex can be enjoyed ... Saint-Germain says he can bring a person to a point of orgasm without it becoming physical or even what you would say is even sexual. It is an energy exchange that is equal and balanced, but more than anything else, has to start at home. It is about self love.

What happens if you are not in a place of self love, when you go out and have physical or even non-physical sexual relations you will find yourself ... you're going to be feeding off of others. You're going to be looking for completion. When you can absolutely love yourself then you will absolutely understand what this whole thing is about energy exchanging and you won't be using terms like "divine prostitute" anymore.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > But in the reality of the one who lived on Earth as a human, I have to say … she loved sex. (laughter) And why shouldn't she? It is a sacred experience. It is about sharing at all levels, not just physical, but emotional and even mental and every level, spiritual, with another human. It is the greatest gift perhaps that humans gave themselves when they came to Earth. They knew it would be tough duty down here, so they gave themselves sex to be able to enjoy it more fully.

So I think we all know the real answer, and it is fun being able to talk about it here. But why should sex be shameful? It should be totally sacred and totally enjoyed. It should never be used to steal energy from another person. You should never use sex to disempower somebody else, and more so for Shaumbra don't let them use it to take away from you.

If you're going to share sex with somebody - share your bodies and every part of you - start with some breathing before ripping off your clothes. (laughter) Even after you rip off your clothes, before you - how do you say - engage, do a little bit more breathing. When you engage with each other, a little bit more breathing. You will have the greatest orgasm that you have ever had. So breathe that one in! (laughter) Thank you.

< Kharisma 7 > Sensual experience. Oh. You know, this kind of like a huge wave, kind of a huge overwhelming, in a way, kind of a huge breeze of sensual experience in your life. That kind of sensual experience that you can feel throughout your entire body. It quiets the mind and the mind feels like it's in harmony. That true swell of sensual experience. I would venture to say that either it's been quite a while or not often enough. There is sometimes even a guilt about having this, because, you have to be configured. But a huge sensual experience that comes over you, and it could be sexual. Not often enough, I would say, whether it was last night or whenever, not often enough.

< Kharisma 7 > And to continue with that line of questioning, when's the last time you had a good mental orgasm? It's not when you put everything together and make sense out of everything. It's when it doesn't matter. That's a good mental sensual orgasm. Feeling so comfortable that you could say, “It doesn't matter. I don't need to keep configuring. I can let it go.” Do you realize what a relief that is for your mind – your poor mind – when you say, “I don't have to figure all this out. I never will.” And it's never going to be logical. It will never make sense, ever, ever.

< Kharisma 7 > The Masters have all discovered that. Oh, they worked so hard at – the philosophers, ey – trying to make sense out of the thing, and it doesn't. And when you can “and” that – and's going to become a verb here – when you can “and” that, it doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't even matter. Then you start to get mind orgasms. Orgasm is a release, a release from configuration, a release from the norm. Sometimes it's so powerful, because things have been pent up inside. The release is huge; huge, to use Linda's word. When's the last time you had a spiritual orgasm? Maybe you had a few experiences along the way with some realizations, insights, some of those “ahh” moments, you know, but not enough.

< Kharisma 7 > It should be all the time; physical, mental, spiritual orgasm of the Body of Consciousness, meaning the complete releasing, opening, freeing, joy pouring out. When's the last time you had one of those big sensual waves of just knowingness? Not mental, not trying to figure it out, but just allowing the knowingness, to the point where it nearly knocked you off your feet? Not often enough. You deserve it. These things should be commonplace, all the time. Not once in a while, not a physical orgasm once every three years, not a wondering what a mental orgasm is or a spiritual orgasm; these should be all the time. This is what should be natural. This is what should be flowing. And this is what you can allow.

< Kharisma 7 > Sensuality is meaning awareness at every level. I talk about consciousness. The consciousness is awareness, but sensuality is when that awareness is, you could say, applied and experienced. Sensuality … that's when consciousness is really experienced. You can't make this sensual orgasm. You can't demand it, make it that it's here. You can allow it. You can't force yourself through thoughts to have it. But you can open up and allow it, receive it. So let's do that right now. We're not trying to configure sensuality here. Just allowing it. Can you hear you communicating with you, without words? Just with that sensuality.

< Kharisma 7 > I told you before that in consciousness, where we're going, it's also about communicating. But can you hear that real communication? I'm not talking about from your head thoughts to you, but from You to you? Ah, that's sensual. That is very sensual. Listen. Listen to that sensual expression taking place in you at every level, in the “and.” How long has it been since you had that deeply, deeply personal wave of inner sensual experience in the body, in the mind, in the spirit, in the I Am? Probably too long. Just not enough of that true sensuality, feeling, awareness in the intimate levels, creativity, wisdom, I Am-ness.