energy in motion

energy in change and transition;

< Teacher 10 > What we have right now on Earth, why you have been feeling so many things and experiencing so many things, is energy is in motion. Energy in motion right now. Not the old motion, not just speed and expansion, but motion into the beyond. Motion into areas that humans have never gone before while in their human state. Energy is in motion all over the world, and sometimes you think the world is going crazy - and if the world is not going crazy at least you are. Understand it's just energy in motion. It's affecting everything. Even people who don't understand any of these concepts, it's affecting them. It's hardest for them, in a sense, because they don't have a clue as to what's happening. They don't know why everything seems turbulent, why everything seems so multi-layered right now.

< Teacher 10 > When energy is in motion like it is now and like it has never been before, they get very uncomfortable. And what happens as the result of that? When a human doesn't understand energy in motion in a multi-dimensional sense they start going crazy. School shootings, hijackings, terrorist activities, suicides, depression, all of these other things. Rage, violence and worst, probably, of any of these things, a very twisted and distorted understanding of their sexual energy. Because when energy is in motion, the mind is the battlefield, guess what comes in? The sexual energy virus. It twists and it turns and it feeds. That is what is happening right now in the world. Energy is in motion.

< Teacher 10 > It's happening on every different level. It's happening even on what you would call the religious levels. Now, we talk about religion a lot, because religion tries to own consciousness. Religion ... we're not speaking of any one religion here, but were are talking about religions in general ... religions are purely man-made. They have nothing to do with God. They do not understand God. Their God is a man, their God has human attributes. You are better off being an atheist rather than being religious right now, because they do not understand the true definition of God. They have never gone into sans definition. They are trying to define God - they've been trying for thousands and thousands of years - in their image, in their limitations and in their mind.

< Teacher 10 > So what is happening right now is consciousness has been in a very long type of slumber. Yes it has been moving and expanding, but it has also been slumbering. It has been sleeping and it's coming out of that right now. So all over the world you have energy in motion, energy in change and transition. That is why you have been feeling many of the things you have, everything that can be interpreted as anxiety or tension. You could be interpreting it as everything speeding up so fast. You're having a hard time keeping up with it.

< Teacher 10 > Many of you have been having the feeling that you're so ready to give away the old, to let go of the old, and you're not sure how. And some of you feeling that even when you let go of the old, it sticks. It doesn't want to leave. And that's true because, in a sense, it's invested. Your Old Energy, your old self, is invested in itself. It doesn't want to go away. It wants to stick around even though we have this tremendous thing called the New Energy coming here. Many different levels of energy, energy at every level in its motion - not just on Earth, by the way. Energy is in motion right now even in the celestial realms, in the near realms. Some of you go out there, particularly during your Dreamwalks. You know something is different out there. Energy is in motion.

< Teacher 10 > Now, that leads us to the next part of this discussion. You have just brought in your New Energy, whatever that happens to be. It is there now. It is in your reality. It's no longer a shadow, no longer a parallel. It is now integrated. Now, Shaumbra, important: do something. Do something. If the energy is just sitting there, it's either going to go dormant, go back out of actualization, or it's going to, in some case, implode on you. New Energy is energy in motion. Do something in your life. Write a book, start a business, run a marathon - do all of the above - but do something.

< WalkOn 5 > But you forgot all the time there's a ninety-degree angle that you take that requires no effort. Instead of making it happen, you allow it to. Making happen still is real. So here you use effort and force to make something happen. You think you're moving things along in your life, whether it's studying and getting a degree and getting a job or just cleaning your garage.  You think you're moving something in life. You are denying the very essential fact that everything is moving in spite of you. Everything is already in motion because of your light. So you think you have to effort, force things to happen in your life. You're screwed, because you're using five human senses and effort. There is another way to do it. Not to replace this, not to suddenly ascend in a linear way. You don't do that. It's the “and.” You suddenly realize there is the absolute no effort, no force, no trying.