consciousness inspirer/expander/pioneer

who inspire others to expand their consciousness, their horizons;

< Teacher 12 > Whether you imagine it or do it for real, sit down, invite your imagination, yourself, the you of You to all come back in. Drink the liquid ambrosia, the elixir that allows all of you to come back together. I'm not suggesting wine - whatever it is that you choose - but a celebration. The celebration of meeting together again. As you do this you're going to be fascinated by all of the talent and the creativity and the breadth of experience that not only you have had, but that your entire entourage of yourself has had. Bringing them back together. Meeting you again. Dear Shaumbra, it doesn't happen all at once but it begins happening now. J'encore - the dj vu of you. You came here to this Earth at this time to inspire consciousness. We use that term that has already been developed by Shaumbra, by Crimson Circle, by dear Linda. And we use that term "inspiring consciousness." That is what you are here to do now.

< Teacher 12 > Remember when you were energy holders? Doesn't that seem like eons of time ago? Energy holders and proud of it, shouldering the responsibility of whatever energy it happened to be. A few years ago you graduated into energy movers - moving the energy for others, moving the energy for yourself and for all of consciousness. And now you are energy consciousness inspirers. Just like Klaus went on to become a teacher of the woodworking and toy making, you now go on to be teachers of consciousness, inspiring others to expand their consciousness, their horizons.

< Teacher 12 > Consciousness is awareness. It is actually not an energy. Awareness is not energy. You use energy as a tool of your consciousness just like Klaus would use the paint brushes and the saws and the sandpaper as the tools of his trade. You use energy as a tool of your consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. You are the inspirers of consciousness and awareness on Earth right now. That is why you are still here. That is what you have to look forward to going forth. You still have plenty of vitality, plenty of life force coming through you. You still have many, many more years on this planet to do the work of inspiring consciousness for all of humanity. There's plenty for you to do and plenty who are willing to listen to everything that you have to do.

< QuantumLeap 3 > There's a good reason, because one of the reasons why you are here on Earth, why you chose to be here, was to be a consciousness expander. Somebody who takes consciousness, works with it, expands it on behalf of all others. You're consciousness pioneers. That's one of the reasons you're here. So you take emotions and feelings and consciousness from others, from the world around you, you take it in as your own. You take somebody else's suffering or trauma or lack of abundance or disease. You adapt it. You're experts at this. You adapt it and allow it to become yours. You're really doing it on behalf of all human consciousness, but you've fooled yourself into thinking that it's you. And that's one of the very reasons why I, Tobias, Kuthumi, Saint-Germain and Quan Yin and the others are here - to remind you. To remind you that was a job that you were performing before and you don't need to now.

< Returning 1 > You don't have to have the answer. The answer to the fuel and energy situation on Earth - it's in mass consciousness. It is in this potential of human mass consciousness, and when the inspiration is there, and when the heart desire is there, and the level of consciousness is appropriate, then it finds its way through one of these inventors or scientists. They are the ones who bring it down into the practical methodical methods where it can be used on Earth. But it takes the ones who inspire consciousness to have that spark to ignite the consciousness in humans. And that is what so many of you are doing right now.