déjà vu


< Creator 8QA > Déjà vu generally occurs when you have already dreamt of an event and then you experience it. There are times when I, Tobias, am quite surprised that humans do not experience déjà vu more often. You walk through many important events in your dream state before you actually experience them in your waking state. You walk through the energies to acquaint yourself before you actually do it in human form, in your waking condition. However, as you know, most humans do not remember their dreams so much. Perhaps that is why there are not more incidences of déjà vu. The next time it happens to you, remember, indeed you have already been in your dreams.

< Teacher 12 > J'encore. It's like a personal dj vu. Dj vu is a recollection of an experience that you have dreamt about or created in another realm and you have that recall of it happening in this reality. J'encore is you again. Meeting yourself. It's going to be a very interesting phenomenon, because at first there's going to be the tendency to put it outside of you. Why does that particular person trigger something in you, just like the person that Klaus saw walking along the street reminded him of his toy doll? J'encore, it's you again, but the you that has been out there exploring other realms now coming into your reality here.

< Teacher 12 > Whether you imagine it or do it for real, sit down, invite your imagination, yourself, the you of You to all come back in. Drink the liquid ambrosia, the elixir that allows all of you to come back together. I'm not suggesting wine - whatever it is that you choose - but a celebration. The celebration of meeting together again. As you do this you're going to be fascinated by all of the talent and the creativity and the breadth of experience that not only you have had, but that your entire entourage of yourself has had. Bringing them back together. Meeting you again. Dear Shaumbra, it doesn't happen all at once but it begins happening now. J'encore - the dj vu of you. You came here to this Earth at this time to inspire consciousness. We use that term that has already been developed by Shaumbra, by Crimson Circle, by dear Linda. And we use that term "inspiring consciousness." That is what you are here to do now.