< DivineHuman 11 > There is group consciousness as well. We have talked before about groups who have traveled together, long before they ever came to Earth, even traveled together here on Earth. You and your biological family are almost certainly part of your own group consciousness. You have been together before. You came back together in his lifetime.

There are religious groups. We have talked about some of these. The ones that you would call the Mormons have a group energy, a group consciousness. The Jews indeed have a group consciousness. There are many different types of group consciousness. It's an awareness. It is an attraction that draws you to continue to work together over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

< Embodiment 1QA > Indeed… there are so many - what we would call - spiritual families all over the Earth and all over the omniverse. These are groups that have been together before and are choosing to come back together again now. They usually rally around a leader. Often that leader is what we - how to say - call a "soulless manifestation." It is the manifestation of that group's consciousness brought into a physical body, but doesn't necessarily have to have a soul.

In the case of Joseph Smith, he is a "souled" being and - we could tell stories about this but (audience laughter) - but, it was, in a sense, Joseph Smith choosing, being chosen to bring back together the family energies. And, this was a celestial family to come to Earth. There was quite a bit of karma involved here, things they thought they had to work out. And, there was quite a bit of - how to say - feeling that if outside energies were recruited into their fold, it would make them right for things that they felt wrong about in the past.

So, it is a very appropriate group. There are many who feel attracted to this because they have worked with that group on the other realms. And, in a sense, they are going through their own… it is a type of cleansing process, a type of renewal process on their own. But, indeed it is really not meant for everybody.

But, on our side of the veil there is the highest respect for this group. And, there is the great understanding of what they are doing in the work on Earth. However, it is not meant that they - or any other religion - should be the only religion. It is meant as a… creating an energy for new understanding of Spirit and of themselves… much as Shaumbra is a group who have been together before on the celestial realms. We come back together again in this lifetime. It is not a karmic thing. It is a desire. It is an energy connection with each other.