Free Masons


< Embodiment 8 > In my lifetime as Count Saint-Germain I worked with many different small groups. I called them my "radiance groups." Many of you participated in those. I worked with groups in my lifetime, such as the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons. I worked with the Knights Templar, the friends of the Templar, and the Illuminati… and many others. Our theory was to have these small - what are now known as - secret groups dispersed all around Europe with a few in America, and to provide a type of radiance, a type of continuing energy that would keep the enlightened ones, what we call the "walking masters"… I don't ever want to hear you call me a "master." You are the Masters, the walking Masters. These radiant groups were put in place to send energy out to all of you, whether you were involved in that group or not. It was like a lamppost or an energetic plug-in along the way. So, the work has been difficult.

< Embodiment 8 > It is interesting to note that these groups were formed. These secret societies were formed because the power of the church was so strong at the time. The arm of the church was strong, and it was brutal, and it was violent. And, we had to have these secret groups to maintain a type of balance of energies at the time. Many of you were in those. You were - what you would now consider - energy holders for those groups. You have ascended into the status of Energy Movers. But, you were energy holders. I know some of you can remember the times of the gatherings, the gatherings of the Knights Templar - does that ring a bell for some of you? - the gathering of the Freemasons.

< Embodiment 8 > Why the Freemasons? It was an inside joke, in a way. We called ourselves the Masons, the Freemasons, because there was a group that was not free. They were controlled by the church. And, the church took all of the energies of the Masons, the builders, the architects, the builders of energy, and captured it for themselves. They had any stoneworker, any Mason, building monuments to themselves, churches of stone, places that they said were of worship. But, they were to hold and pervert energy.

< Embodiment 8 > And, the Masons that were under the control of the church were not free. And, it was difficult for nearly anyone in Europe to build their own place because all of the Masons were tied up by the church. It was illegal in many places to do any work other than for the church. So, we started the Freemasons. We talked about the true geometries, the sacred geometries and energies. Many of you were there. Today there is little or no resemblance of the energies we had in the Freemasons.

< MNEC2006-A > I, Adamus Saint-Germain, have been responsible for setting up many, many organizations and orders on Earth before including: the Knights Templar; the Masons; the legendary but very real Knights of the Round Table; and my favorite, the Illuminati. And although the Illuminati has gotten a bad name because of influences from those who did not like what we were teaching - teaching the meld of science and spirituality, teaching the truth - the Illuminati has always been one that is near and dear to my heart up until this moment.

< (Next) 12 > So there was this great imbalance that we were having difficulty resolving. Always a fight against these other forces; one of the reasons why some of the groups, like what's called the White Brotherhood - it was actually never called that, it was The Brotherhood - the Freemasons and the others were started. Started (a) so people really could study the mystics and (b) so that they could actually get a job outside the church. Kind of like a free union at the time.

< Kharisma 10 > I (St Germain) was instrumental in working with those back in Europe, particularly the ones you know as the Freemasons, to create this place of freedom (USA). It wasn't the only place, actually. There were a number of places, Australia, in particular, other countries around the world. I don't want to get into the list because you're going to start comparing, but this was one of the places. It had the appropriate energies. It had the appropriate intentions, so it started to come together.

< Kharisma 10 > Now Ben was a bit of a hedonist; he loved the food, the drink, the ladies, anything that tickled his big old pleasure center. And he had a big smile on his face. “Happiness,” he said, “Everybody will know what that means.” So it was changed. Afterwards I said, “Ben, just go fly a kite” (laughter). I don't like that change that was put in there. But it is what it is – “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And if you believe my stories, I love you. (more chuckles) Mostly true though. I truly was there. The Masons, the Freemasons, had an incredible influence in the founding of this country (USA). It's about freedom.

< Transhuman 11 > I had a very strong connection with the Masons, because back then the Masons, Masons are the ones who were the stone workers. And most people really aren't aware of that, that you had to be in the guild and the guild was controlled by the Church and the Church only let you in if you were willing to work. You had to pay the Church to work. And if you weren't in the guild, if you didn't pay properly, you didn't get to work. So, the Masons were started. The Masons also had a good understanding of the mysteries. They really understood. They understood the pyramids. They understood a lot of the Sacred Geometry. See, the Church wouldn't allow that, but in the Masons it was studied. And I don't want to say it was a secret society, but there were certain things that were kept amongst the Masons. So, I worked closely with them, and truly I worked closely with George Washington.