schools of Essenes' community which have changed and now called kibbutz;  

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua trained to be – they actually didn't use the word 'priest' back then – Yeshua was training to be a teacher of the Yahad. A Yahad is the community school. They didn't call themselves rabbis. They didn't give themselves lofty titles like 'bishop' or 'pope.' They were simply … the best possible interpretation would be maybe elder, but even that was not a word that was used because they never wanted to put themselves above others. So let's just call it a teacher. Hm. Hmmm. A lot of interesting correlations. A teacher. He didn't work with wood. He didn't make chairs and tables and things like that. He studied a lot. He studied old scriptures. He studied the rules because the Essenes had a lot of rules. He didn't know how to use his hands. He wasn't a big muscular guy, and he didn't have a trade whatsoever. Interesting. Interesting.

< Discovery 4 > Yes he was married, but no, never to Mary Magdalene. Now, that creates a big problem. Here you have Yeshua studying to be like a teacher in the Yahad, in the school, the community school. That was his one focus – to teach and to help. I guess now they might call it a kibbutz. It was a little bit different back then. He didn't care about the outside world. He didn't care about anything. But being a mortal, kind of, at least having flesh and bones that would eventually die, he had certain urges. He had certain urges and within the community was a beautiful young girl by the name of Ignes. Like Agnes, but Ignes, beautiful young girl. And one night sitting under the stars with – oh you know the story now. They embraced their masculine/feminine energies, uh, together. Well put. Wasn't that delicate? They engaged in intimacy of the body.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua, your 33-year-old creation, what was the whole thing about dying on the cross? Martyrdom? Not a lot, but eventually later on. Eventually later on. It wasn't a lot of news about it back then. The Essenes back in the community, back in the Yahad, was like, “Well, he was asking for it. Look, he was fornicating when he was young. He, you know, gives up his family and the community and goes wandering god knows where. No wonder he got killed.” Kind of. Kind of. There wasn't a lot of tears. He had a small group of followers, friends, and there was mourning there. But it took centuries really for this to get going.