< Discovery 4 > Yes he was married, but no, never to Mary Magdalene. Now, that creates a big problem. Here you have Yeshua studying to be like a teacher in the Yahad, in the school, the community school. That was his one focus – to teach and to help. I guess now they might call it a kibbutz. It was a little bit different back then. He didn't care about the outside world. He didn't care about anything. But being a mortal, kind of, at least having flesh and bones that would eventually die, he had certain urges. He had certain urges and within the community was a beautiful young girl by the name of Ignes. Like Agnes, but Ignes, beautiful young girl. And one night sitting under the stars with – oh you know the story now. They embraced their masculine/feminine energies, uh, together. Well put. Wasn't that delicate? They engaged in intimacy of the body.

< Discovery 4 > Now, the good Essenes were not supposed to do this. The good Essenes did not eat meat whatsoever. It wasn't like the Essenes were forbidden, but the really good ones were vegetarians. And here we find now that Yeshua, trying so hard to be this eventual teacher – his one dream, one ambition is to be a teacher in the Yahad, in the community – and suddenly fornicating, hmm, and caught. So what happens next? Well, it was discovered and her parents weren't all too happy about this and immediately said, “You must get married.” This was a huge change in Yeshua's plans, but the thing is, he loved Ignes. He loved her deeply and dearly. Either that or it was tremendous lust. So, indeed, they got married.

< Discovery 4 > What happened next? Tragedy. Ignes, with child, died. Died. The love of his life died, and he felt, with all he had learned in his studying, that he should have been able to heal her. He was angry because he felt some of the others in their community should have been able to heal. He felt that God had forsaken him, and it caused another great crash in his life. Now he had lost not only his position in the community because of fornication, but now he had lost his love. His love. What happened next? Here he is, a very young man, barely seventeen years old, and suddenly everything is turned. So here we have a 17-year-old man angry with God, heartbroken, no longer a pillar in the community, no longer the one they thought was going to lead them into more rules and regulations. So he leaves, in the middle of the night.