Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens


< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) helped to create the energies of the one that you call Saint Francis of Assisi, an unsouled being, who I helped to create with Kuthumi and some others. I have been incarnated on Earth as the energy of Francis Bacon, commonly known also as Shakespeare. But, with my deep love for writing, I have also incarnated as the energy of Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain. It was an incredible lifetime. I traveled the world. I wrote my stories. I shared many times with so many of Shaumbra. I actually had the one that you know as Cauldre in my employment for a short period of time in the place that you would call Virginia City when I had a newspaper there (Territorial Enterprise).

< Embodiment 7 > I (St. Germain) have tried to help other scientists of your time - and my time - understand this. I worked closely with Tesla when I was Samuel Clemens. We would meet. We would talk. I would try to help him to understand. We had some degree of success, but quite frankly society wasn't ready for what Tesla had to offer, but instead reverted to a more Edisonian type of understanding of energy. You are ready to move beyond that now, ready to go beyond that Old understanding of energy. Interesting… they were both the modern-day energy workers, Tesla and Edison.

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Q: How much influence did you have in the recent publication of Mark Twain's unabridged autobiography?

A: Let me just say it was time. Actually, I didn't have to influence anything, because I really don't care. But the potentials meet the energy at the appropriate time and place. So when it is time, it comes up.
It's actually a good point, because there's going to be a lot of things coming up this year literally from the ground. This … you talk about WikiLeaks, no matter what you happen to think about it, it's just a vehicle for things having to come out in the open. Things that have been hidden - deceptions, lies - they have to come out. They have to come out. You're going to see a lot of it this year. Some of it's going to be a little shocking, to you as a human, but shocking to the organizations that are being exposed. It's going to cause even more conflict and controversy. That's going to add fuel to the fire for this whole transition into new consciousness, a consciousness of I Am.

< Wings 7 > For me it's exciting, because my connection with Tesla, in particular, is through Mark Twain. Tesla and Twain were great friends, dear friends and it deeply, deeply saddened Tesla when Mark Twain died, because it was one of Tesla's last true friends. They spent a lot of time in the laboratory, but again, that connecting energy between them – they were both visionaries. They were both wide open. They were both a little bit ahead of their time, Tesla a lot more so than Mark Twain. But they both had the ability to see and feel and open up into grander spaces. They got out of their Chicken Little, chicken crap way of being a little human. They broke out of boxes and really lived. They followed their passion.