Sun / sunshine


< NewEnergy 11 > Indeed, in the next few days you will have this transit of Venus passing between the Sun and the Earth. This is, by itself, simply a mathematical event for the most part that occurs on periodic bases because, as planets orbit the Sun, as they are all held together in a certain pattern, there are certain time periods when this comes up. And, you will be seeing this in the next few days when there is an eclipse caused by Venus passing between Earth and the Sun. But, there is an important delivery of energy that will take place that goes beyond the simple mathematical or scientific event. During this short process, during the eclipse, even if you do not see it, there is going to be a very bold potential change for those who are willing to embrace it and bring it into their lives. It has to do with a shift in perception of two very key ingredients of human qualities, so to speak.

< NewEnergy 11 > The first is the potential shift for you individually - if you should choose it - in your perception of finances and money, and how you bring these things into your life. With this whole energy dynamic of Earth and Venus and the Sun is a perfect time for us to help facilitate this change. That is why Kathume comes in once again to help you shift between the worlds, to shift your thinking, Shaumbra, of money, of finances. If there is any place in particular you have a very focused third dimensional concept, it is about how you bring money into your life. It is time to change that.

< Returning 4 > There are no places on Earth that hold any more potential than any place else in terms of vortexes and grids and all the rest of that. That's old energy. The New Energy human makes their own, brings their own, creates the safe and sacred space. But you're going to find it easier in areas that have a little bit more sunshine. Sunshine is going to have a way of making you more aware of invigorating the system. The sunshine also - the sun - has a way of allowing your physical body to be more at ease and also helps it through some of its healing processes. I'm not talking about having to have sun every day of the year. But if you're going to pick someplace to live, I'd encourage slightly on the sunny side.