< New Earth 13QA > We can answer that for you very specifically. For a human walking in the old Earth in the old energy the astrology principles that you have held to will work quite well. For the human that has moved into their new house the astrology principles will not work at all. You have been reborn, and you are no longer under the influence of any signs or planets or person.

< Creator 7QA > It is best dear friends to put down your ways of old astrology at this time … for yourself. For humans who are not walking into the energy of the new earth, astrology is absolutely appropriate for them. For yourselves, you have moved into your new lifetime. How do you chart that? What degrees do you place on the birth of your new Self? It is no longer appropriate to be guided by the stars. We remind you that you created these very stars! You have transcended the need to be structured by the energy of the stars … objects and energies that you placed there!

< Creator 7QA > Now, we know there are some who will not so much like this remark. We are not condemning astrology by any means, it is still appropriate for most humans, as most humans are still walking in the old energy. For Shaumbra, if you get a reading now from the stars or from ones who see energy, they will not understand what is going on with you. They will not see your energy field and they will be shocked - because they are looking in the old place. Your energy field is now in a new place. For those who read your stars and your charts, it will not feel so right to you any more. It will feel like something from the past. It will not feel like something that you are walking in now. And if you choose to let the stars rule you now in your new energy, it will hurt.

< Creator 10QA > They say that there are energy attributes stored in the planets, as a part of the energy make-up of the planet, can be realized by the person moving into the new energy. These energies, that are not only in the planets of your solar system but also exist in the other stars in the galaxies, do not influence your life. They are not the guide walls of your life. These are simply at your disposal for expanding your Creator Energy. So, in direct answer to the question, do not look so much in these areas right now for the power that you need to move into your Divine Energy. That will all come from within. As you bring that up from within, there is a corresponding energetic reaction to the appropriate planet. But if you focus on the planet rather than your Divine Self you will not be able to pull forth the energy. At this time it is not our recommendation to look to these areas for understandings or empowerments.

< NewEnergy 4 > You are releasing things that are stored. We have talked about energies being stored in Gaia (crystalline grid), in the Earth, and indeed they are. You are releasing them, aspects of yourself from the past. There are also energies stored in all of the planets, in the suns, in the stars, and the galaxies. And, they are yours. They are your energies. Why do you think that certain planets have astrological qualities to them, influences? Part of your energies are stored there.

< (Next) 4 > Astrology. I love astrology, but I hate what humans have done to it. They have decided that it's the new guiding influence. Well, new, I mean thousands of years old, but they have bought into old patterns of astrology. Astrology is neither plus nor minus. Astrology isn't a directive. Astrology, if you really look at it, is layer after layer after layer of potentials. But humans look at one layer and say, "Oh, I'm supposed to be like this. I'm supposed to be like that. I'm supposed to…"

< (Next) 4 > Astrology is a beautiful thing if you look at it as a mechanism for exploring potentials and then selecting the ones that you want to experience. If you go beyond the typical charts, go deeper into astrology - multidimensional astrology - you'll see every potential that you can choose from. And because you created those potentials, there are almost infinite potentials to choose from.