potential of the future / New Energy potential

potentials for the full self;

< Master 3 > And let's go past the obvious potentials that were created out of yesterday's events, and into the
potentials that represent more of your full self, more of your true self, more of your divine self
Potentials that, up until now, were unseen and unknown and unfelt, but here they are …
Potentials of the future that can be so markedly different or so simple …
Potentials that dissolve away all belief, all logic, all fact …

< Master 3 > Releasing the structure of energy back into an energy that serves your new consciousness, whatever that is, but not a consciousness based on yesterday. As we walk into this potential - these potentials beyond the old grid and the old belief systems - there's no seduction. There is no basis for seduction in your New Energy potentials. There's no such thing as death. There's no such thing as having to live. It just is. These potentials don't have to solve any problems or fix any issues or change anything, because these new potentials don't have old imbalances. They are brand new. They are the new fruit of your joy and passion, and they're here.

< Master 3 > We're expanding our consciousness right now. It's not a time to get into mental activity, not the time to try to say, "Here's how I want my life structured." This is a time to feel into you, to feel into unrestricted, unbalanced - in other words, potentials that have no previous balance or form to them, but they're pure - pure, pure potentials. And there's nothing else you have to do other than sense them. You can sense them through smelling. You can sense them through feeling, even hearing and tasting. But more than anything else, just being, there trusting yourself.

< Master 3 > Working with your Pakauwah at times, working just like this at other times, go out to your potential. This is not the grid or the field for humanity or all creation; this is yours. Your potentials. They're out there. Right now by expanding the consciousness, we're unlocking, activating, opening up these potentials into your life. In the most beautiful and the most flowing way, these start coming back into the present, into this reality, into your Point of Presence, your Point of Choice, your Point of Actualization.