< Ascension 2QA > In the new energy, it is learning to own who you are, understanding how to release things, and understanding how to talk to them. That is one of the biggest things in the new energy, dear friends. Talk to these things, whether they are fears, whether they are cigarettes, whether it is a problem. Talk to it. If you are ready to release these cigarettes, but do not know how to do this… if you do not know how to fight them, simply talk to them. They are here at your service. They will be an addictive force as long as you would like them to be, for that is what you've asked them to do. Now ask them to leave effortlessly and painlessly. (We do ask Cauldre to release these preconceptions that he has. He is so worried when we talk of this.) It is time to talk to these things and to listen to hear what they have to say. The cigarette may say, "Here is a way that I would like to go. Here is how I would like to leave." Talk to all of these things: emotions, objects, other people's divine selves. You will find this to be the most effective tool in the new energy. Stop struggling with your brain to figure things out, and start talking through your being. It is the same with any of these other substances you mentioned, with very few exceptions that come from the powerful chemicals. It is how you take them and what you want to do with them.

< (Next) 7 > Alcohol, sex, these are triggers that start right there (pleasure center) and then go into your brain, and then you say, "I'm addicted, therefore, I'm flawed, therefore I have to keep suffering until I get stronger or better. I need to go out and find some savior or messiah. How could I possibly be God also because I smoke cigarettes?!" Get over it. I've known a lot of really good drunk Ascended Masters. (laughter) But you burden yourself with this guilt, "There's something wrong. I'm a pervert," not me, but you. "I'm a pervert. I eat too much. I eat too little." This was all part of the programming, therefore, you're not free; therefore, you buy into all that crap, and it's so easy to let it go.