bad creation

fear of creation
; core issue;

< New Earth 13 > Fear not your own creative ability. Learn to begin trusting your own Divinity. It will come from within your Self. Do not fear it, for within the energy structure of your new house there is also woven an energy that would make it most difficult for you to ill-create. That was an attribute of the old energy. That was an attribute when there was separation. But, as we have talked to you about before, there is now unity at the source. There is unity in your new house. Fear not your creative ability. Don’t wait for Spirit or your guides or others to do it for you.

< Creator 7 > There is an innate fear within each of you of creating something that is not appropriate. This has frozen many of you up to this day. You have been reluctant to create because you did not know if it would be the right thing. You have been waiting for Spirit to tell you how to create and what to create, because you did not want to be inappropriate once again. The Oven of Grace, your own divinity and the love of Spirit will make it so that you do not create inappropriately. With the four marbles and the balance within you, you will not create bad or dark. With the love that is within you, you will not create the wrong thing.

< Creator 11QA > This is an excellent question for in the scheme of things, when all things are considered, there is no "bad" creation. And you were already hearing that from within you. There is judgment on your part of what is good and bad. Let us give you an example:

There is a lightworker, who is not sitting in this physical room on this day, but who will read this material. This lightworker, this Shaumbra, was responsible for the deaths of many in a past lifetime, in a rather gruesome way. This has haunted this family member ever since. This individual has gone on a very difficult and low path ever since, with tremendous feelings of guilt, tremendous feelings of remorse, tremendous feelings more so than ever of disconnection with Spirit.

This lightworker, up until recently, has believed at the deepest level of their being that they would go to a place of hell. They are coming to understand new things. They will be one of the strongest, one of the best teachers of all. They will rise fast, they will have insight and experiences that many others will never come close to having. They chose, and those who were slaughtered by this person chose, to have this extent of experience. They chose to have some of the darkest of the dark.

Dear friends, in order to truly move things forward, there are those who have to volunteer to go into the darkest of the dark. They volunteer to be in the gutter. They volunteer to find what the bottom looks like. There is honor in all this work. There should be no assumption or judgment then about what is right or wrong.

We ask you to look at it this way. You have simply not seen the full picture and the full benefit for all at this time with judgments. We look at your creations, we look at your actions in all things and understand there is an amazingly beautiful but yet complex tapestry that makes all of this up. What you would consider to be bad creations, what you would consider to be bad deeds, are all part of a beautiful tapestry.

You are simply now coming to the point in your own enlightenment where you can begin to see things as they are, and in doing so and having a greater spiritual overview of things, there are things now you would not choose to do any more. There are depths that you would not choose to go to for you do not need to. You are coming to new ways of understanding how this creation of yours is put together.

< Embodiment 6 > You are allowing that (victimhood) to be a hindrance and a block. Why? Because you don't necessarily want to face what it's like to be a Creator. You're sometimes afraid of going back to being a full and conscious Creator. You regret some of the things that were done in the past, especially before you came to Earth. You see… I created this cottage that we are sitting in. I made it real through the imagination. You used to do that also, especially before you ever came to Earth in a human body. When you were creating the stars and the heavens, when you were free out there, without a body, you could create very quickly and imagine very quickly. There were many, many things you didn't like about what you created.

< Teacher 1 > It takes a different type of human angel being to go beyond the dreams and really let it manifest here on Earth, because then it becomes very obvious. Once you begin manifesting it and bringing it into your reality, it's right in front of you. So there are all the questions about "Am I a good enough creator?" Or, "Am I too good of a creator?" Are you such a good creator that you make a joke about moving heaven and earth and the next thing you know there's a tremendous storm outside of your house that nearly rips your house and all the trees down? That makes you think twice about your ability, your capability as a creator.

< Returning 10QA > Because you have and you told yourself that "I will never, ever do that again." Now you have a vow, it's an aspect that is created out of the vow, and you're not going to do it again until you disavow, until you let it go. But right now it's at work for you. You created it, it's serving you. It's on its hands and knees serving you - "I will screw up your life so you never have to do that again," you see? So take a deep breath and decide when you're ready to disavow. Let that one go. In this New Energy … I don't want to go off too far here, but in this New Energy you almost can't do wrong. In other words, it will come back on you. If you decided you were going to take some of these wonderful teaching and use it as Black Magic against others, it won't work. It used to work, it won't work now. So get over the fear that you're going to do it wrong.