affirmation / verbalization

declaration;  positive thinking;  thought focus;
mind control;

< Clarity 3 > I was saying before that your laboratory is/are these outer realms. You go into the outer realms, the non-physical realms. And, there are a variety of them. They are different shapes. They have different energetic attributes. You go there in your dream states, of course. You also go there in your daydreams. You also go there in your imagination. You don't go there in your visualization and affirmation, by the way. You don't go into the creative realms with affirmations. Affirmations are disciplines for the mind. But, they are not… they don't have anything to do with imagination and creativity. Visualizations are a focus of the mind. And, while they've had some benefit, they are very, very limited.

< Clarity 10QA > Intentions are nothing. They are like having your car in neutral. You're always intending to do something and it never happens. Intentions are neutral. They go nowhere. It's not a choice. It's procrastination, and we see so many humans intending and nothing happens and then they wonder why. Because they're still intending.

are of the mind generally. Humans get into this whole thing about having to affirm. You're trying to con yourself. You're trying to hypnotize yourself into something and the results ... sometimes there are results, but generally they are very, very limited and they go away quickly, because affirmations aren't authentic.

Declarations are the same as affirmation. They are very mental. They are very much Old Energy and they have very thin energy behind them. So I'm going to recommend and prescribe for you choices. Make choices. Make a choice. Go inside.

< Clarity 10QA > But when you feel you have to sit in front of the mirror every day and affirm or declare, well then what your authentic self is hearing is that you really don't believe yourself that you have to say it over and over. You have to try to convince yourself. Now you're in a trap. Now you're in hypnosis and you're going to feel it energetically. Whereas, if you make a choice, everything starts flowing.

< MNEC2006-T > So the influence of these experiments in Atlantis were very strong. That is why, as the Crimson Council, we have always said, "Don't do affirmations." That is a form of mind control. It is from the mind and it controls the mind and it takes away the innate creator ability that you have. We know we've gone against many of the - how to say - other types of new age philosophies when we say "No affirmations." It is your own mind control and it doesn't work very well either.

< Teacher 8 > One of the things that is sweeping the world right now in a very fast pace - and it is a good sign but it also has its potential drawbacks - is thought focus. Thought focus. It has been around for a while. Mind control some of you call it. There are those who are being taught that things like thinking positive, thinking good positive thoughts is going to have an effect on their life. And it will to a degree... to a degree. It will have an initial effect and then it will almost seem to go in reverse. It will have a negative effect, because the individual is trying to focus on happy thought only - good thought, positive thought. Well first of all, that's a judgment to say that there is a positive thought. Thought control or thought focus doesn't take into account what we would call bad thought. We talked last month about the ability to fail as well as the ability to succeed. That causes, when you combine them together, that causes true expansion.

< Teacher 8 > So it is that many are going to be working with thought focus. You're going to see more and more. You've been through it yourselves. You played with it 10 years ago, 20 years ago of time, but you know now that it goes beyond the focused thought from the mind. It can bring marginal results, but generally it will leave you empty. You all know it. You've been there and done that. Your affirmations didn't work. Well they did for the first month or two perhaps. They had some interesting results, and then they seemed to fall apart. By the way, at that point you lost some trust in yourself. It's a point we're going to come back to in another Shoud. You tried the affirmations, you tried the visualization, and it didn't work. Why? Because it came from the limitations of the mind. It came from the same place that has held you in a type of hypnotic belief system for a long time. Positive thinking is just thinking. It has its limitations. True consciousness goes far beyond what the mind can even imagine today.

< QuantumLeap 4> When you truly understand the law of soul attraction or consciousness attraction, you'll never again have to expend your energy on the little things, on those little annoying details. They're just going to be there. The Masters understand this, and you, Shaumbra, are beginning to understand it and apply it in your life. Allow this to come into your life so that you too can show others how easily this works. The Law of Attraction is not a mental exercise. It's not visualization or affirmation. Those are mental exercises and they're going to eventually get you very, very frustrated and again believing that you're not a creator. Feel, sense and choose what it is that your soul or your consciousness chooses to attract.

< QuantumLeap 9 > This whole thing of - what do you call - mental visualization or mental verbalization, in other words, trying to image things in your mind or trying to say these mantras or these cute little sayings out loud, is self-deception and is trickery. And it just tells the mind that you're afraid of yourself and afraid of your true intuitive, divine feeling nature. It just locks things up even tighter. So if you're Shaumbra, please do not use those tools anymore. Let them go. They perhaps served you at one point, but now we go beyond that into feelings - raw feelings, genuine feelings.

< Returning 4 > Things like affirmations, positive statements - thinking positive only. Things like mind control and mind focus are not appropriate for you - maybe for other humans right now who are still learning how to manage their energy - but you're beyond that.

The affirmations are basically, well, you have to lie to yourself. You have to try to reinforce something, and you're denying part of yourself. All these positive statements, 'think positive.' That's great, but think negative too. Truly, truly. Allow yourself to feel and to think or to feel and observe your thoughts - how you think, the patterns that you think in. Don't try to regulate the thought process. If you are allowing New Energy in, new consciousness of yourself, and then you go back and you try to do mind control, thought control, positive affirmations, all the rest of this, it's going to twist the energies. It's going to cause you to be very, very uncomfortable, if not just go a little bit crazy.