prophet / medium / channeler


< Embodiment 4 > In the Old Energy there was an occasional prophet. The prophets actually were all mad - we have to tell you. They were indeed. They had to be. They had to be somewhat crazy. They had to be very unbalanced in order to be able to bring in the energies and the messages. But, there were only a few of them. Now, as we move into the New Energy - as you move into the New Energy - you are all prophets. You are all prophets in your own right. When you move into this New Energy, and you fully participate in your creations in your reality, then we can move in. We couldn't do that before with humans. The veil or the barriers were too strong.

< Embodiment 4 > The veil goes both ways. You knew that, didn't you? No, you didn't. You thought we could peer down and see everything that was going on on Earth. We are sitting up here on our big clouds watching you where you couldn't see, or feel, or hear us, where you were isolated. Shaumbra, the veil is two ways. It requires a mutual participation on your side and on ours to come through. That is why we say that the prophets of old had to a little bit crazy in order to help transcend or to help break through that veil. And, we had to be a little crazy to work with them. We had to - how to say - unbalance our energy. We had to rearrange our energies in order to come through the prophets of your modern era in particular.

< MNEC2009-T2 > Up until now it hasn’t been possible for … well, I have to chuckle when you say ascended master - it’s just a sovereign being. That’s all it is. But it hasn’t been very possible for a sovereign being to come back to Earth in physical form. So we’ve come back, the legions of sovereign beings - about 9,000 - we’ve been coming to you through channelers. We’ve been coming to you through mediums and psychics and other sort of ways. And some, like Adamus, can make a temporary illusion of being in human form, but it disappears after no more than a day or two. We’ve been coming back in different ways - burning bushes (laughter) and all these different gimmicks that we’ve tried with you, a few ghosts now and then. But I’m coming back.