Indians; First Nation; Anasazis;

< Embodiment 2QA > Indeed… we have to say that this place, which you now call America, was the place for… it had been designated for the New Atlantis. The Indians, the natives that were here, were the caretakers, the keeper of sacred energy. They were literally the ones who helped to come here first to plant the energy for this New Atlantis. The New Atlantis is also what you would call New Energy.

So, they were here taking it and holding it. And, in a sense, there was an agreement that they would leave. And, in a sense, as it happened so many times on the human levels, there were many battles and wars that were fought over this. But, underneath there was an agreement to leave. And, in a sense, you could say, as odd as this sounds, this was the best way that they could choose to leave and fully leave.

The Anasazis that preceded them… they left in a different way. They left in a type of - how to say - where it didn't have to be war, it didn't have to be the killing of the physical body. But, they also found when they left in a type of vaporization that they did not fully leave. Part of them still stayed.

So, the Native Americans that are here chose to leave this way. And, you would have to say that - again, as strange as this may sound - that it was an honor for them to leave that way. That was the way of their world… you see. It was the way of passion and bravery and warriorship. Ohamah understands this (some laughter). He thinks that there is nothing at all unusual about this.

But, part of what all of you should honor the natives for was they helped to create the sacred energy for the New Atlantis, which is America. And, this allowed a safe space for peoples from all over the worlds to come. You call this "the melting pot." There are peoples from every race, every part of the world that have come here. It is a place of the New Hope. It is not the only place. It is one of the places. But, it was a place where we could say had the most energy and potential put here. One of these days we will talk about several of the countries and regions that were as a backup… but, in a sense, not just a backup either as an other dimensional type of gathering place. So, anyway, we ask you to honor the natives for the way they chose to go because it was and is a way of honor… you see.

< Embodiment 4 > Some of you are holding energies from what you would call the Native Americans, the Indians. You are holding energies for this group of mystical, this group of Gaia-oriented people, who understood the land, who understood the skies. And, you are holding energies for them.

< Embodiment 12 > Indeed, it is an energy also that invites in Mary - that blessed, sacred, feminine energy of Mary - into this room. Mary is the mother energy of this very land. Even the natives, the First Nation people, tapped into this energy of Mary. They called her by a different name, but it was the same being.