Norway / land of the unknown


< NewEnergy 10 > But, now we bring in at this time, at this appropriate time, the whole energy of Sananda. We introduced and brought in this energy a week ago of time in "the land of the unknown," what you call Norway. So, now that was the preliminary introduction. And, this entire group comes in now because it is truly the time of the birthing of the Christ seed. Most of you have gone through the birthing, you know. You associate this with some of the difficulties and challenges, the loss of your own identity, who you thought you were, some of the physical aches and pains, but yet some of the great new understandings.

< (Next) 12 > It doesn't matter who discovered it - Norway - but the point of it is that … Eh, they'll fight about that for eternity. The point is that we realized it would be easier to set up a new land, a free land, what was called the New Atlantis. It was easier to bring some of these feminine energies over here, and some of the women and others - women I just mentioned - were integral to setting up this country.