< Embodiment 2 > You have seen it recently in a series of events in Russia, for this land is now ready for a true - what you would call - healing, but a true coming back together of the energies. It is a deeply wounded area. And, we are here to announce that we are going to take Cauldre and Linda - and some of you - there quite soon. It is now ready. You are going to see… yes, the… as we have been talking about the very strong potential for great changes in the land here coming up again, some of it having to do with the other centers of Atlantis, the other two centers, some of it having to do with just general rebalancing and restructuring of Earth.

< e2012 2 > I am Dracula. In my last days in the Mystery Schools, end of the 1700s, mostly in Romania, Transylvania, we, all of us, we were doing some amazing, amazing things there. We knew it was time to close down the Mystery Schools, for you to go back out into the world. We knew that a new era was coming. And when we did, you - all the students - went back out into the world. Some of you went back to Europe. Some of you went into Russia, here to this newly emerging Atlantis, now called the United States. You took this wisdom. You took the understandings with you.